Easy Thank You Notes for Kids


As long as my kids have been able to make a mark on paper, they have been writing thank you notes. It is one of those things that as a parent, I just do not budge on. It is so important in my book to continue the tradition of a hand written thank you note, even in this age of texting and email.
We usually pair writing thank you notes with a little craftiness, and this year is no different. I love a good excuse to get us digging thru the recycling bin. We have so many boxes this time of the year and thought we could use them to do some pretty cool post card style thank you notes. I cut a box into post card-y shapes, checking with The US Postal Service site to make sure they’d use a regular stamp. (Anything larger than 6″ by 11″ will be charged as a package).

writing thank you notes with recycled boxes Our box had a design on one side, which meant we’d write our note directly onto the opposite,blank side.  We used pretty good, juicy markers–we had both Sharpies and our new chalk markers (thank you, Meri Cherry for the chalk marker tip-we LOVE them!)We used tape strips on the opposite side to write the addresses on, so they would be readable.

Really, the options here are endless:  You could easily create your postcard on a white sheet of paper and then simply glue it onto a thicker cardboard piece for durability. Cover both sides with clear packing tape if you are worried about an image getting ruined in the mail. Cereal boxes work great, too!!

writing thank you notes

We have always focused on writing thank you notes with thought and care, whatever that means for my childrens’ ages.  As they have gotten older, I ask that they write at least two or three sentences for each note. We brainstorm together before they begin, writing down phrases or words for them to copy. I don’t expect the notes to be perfect.  I want their age and their own ideas to shine thru and overrule any preconceived notions I have about what the notes should look like. Most of all I want my kids to feel comfortable showing thanks for all the goodness they receive

Here are some time proven Thank You note tips :

  • Brainstorm what kids might write before they begin.  You can even write down certain phrases or words to help kids who are still struggling to spell.
  • Use fun materials!  We get out our best art supplies for this and make it a fun activity.
  • Make your own cards from kids artwork–just cut and fold or glue a little art piece onto a sheet of paper.  For really young kids a piece of artwork might be a very age appropriate way to say thanks.
  • You can always include a photo of your child playing or wearing the gift.
  • Make the envelope just as fun!  Decorate the front and back with stickers, more drawings, or doodle around the address.
  • This is a great time to teach growing kids about how to write an envelope and where everything goes!
  • You can even take a trip to the post office to buy the stamps!

Please do send me a pic of how your thank you notes turn out!!  Upload them to Instagram and #fuzzymama.  Can’t wait to see them.