Ed Emberley Inspired Ornaments

Ed Emberley inspired ornaments

We have loved Ed Emberley’s books as long as I can remember.  His charming how-to drawing books still engage my 9 and 11 year old boys. HIs little characters are so filled with cheer that we decided to create some Ed Emberley inspired ornaments for giving(and keeping!)


While Emberley has so many options for inspiration, we chose his Funprint Drawing Book. This has seriously given us HOURS AND HOURS of fun. You can order the book or find a copy at your local library.  I have been lucky enough to snag a few of his books at second hand stores.

Ink Pad (this brand is washable) A lightish color works best so you can see the sketch marks.

Thin marker–We used black.

White paper-just sheets from a sketch book work well

Wooden mini plaques – we got our from Joann Fabrics, but there are so many other options, too. Get ones with pre-drilled holes if you don’t want to do that yourself.

Paint and pointed-tip paint brush to embellish with polka dots

Mod Podge

Twine/Yarn for hanging

The Easy How – To’s

  1. Spend some time experimenting with printing and drawing from the book. Try different fingers to make the prints.  Once you have a few favorites, draw them, spaced out on a clean white sheets of paper. ed emberley inspired ornaments
  2. Prep your wooden blocks.  Ours were already painted white, but you may have to paint or sand yours. We drilled small holes into them, too, for the twine. If you don’t want to drill, buy pre-drilled blanks or just hot glue the twine ends to the back of the block.
  3. Cut your little drawings so they fit onto your blocks.  Brush Mod Podge on both the back of the drawing and the wooden block.  Position and smooth down. Brush a thin layer of Mod Podge to seal your drawing. Let it dry completely.
  4. Now add your paint embellishments–we just painted polka dots with a small brush.
  5. Tie on your string at the desired length and voila! These make such great gift for friends and relatives.

Why stop at ornaments?

Emberley’s designs are great for so many different projects.  Create cards, book marks, jewelry, use fabric markers on pillows or t-shirts.  Your kids can make gifts for teachers, friends, grandparents, and neighbors.

Don’t hesitate to email me with questions…I love to help.

Don’t you just love a good homemade ornament for giving? I have tons more ideas for kid-made decorations on my pinterest board. Check it out.