Everything counts-validating children’s writing

encouraging writers


One thing we started doing as soon as  my kids could write was displaying it – much the same way we hang their artwork.  Bits of writing went up on the wall with a smidge of tape –sometimes they were happy to hang it, sometime I would.  Over the years, these bits of their writing have become one of my favorite displays.

Aside from adding some color to our walls,  this practice has served many purposes.   Hanging their work in a very public space in our home has really validated their writing.  We have done this from the start –  My son’s first letter “H” still hangs in my office.  I would also have to say that it continues to spur further writing.  My children voraciously go thru piles of index cards, post-it notes, and scraps of paper.  They write notes to each other and to us. They post signs all over the house.  I love the practical aspect of this kind of writing and the gusto with which it flows.  It springs from a joy and a need to put their ideas to paper, record a milestone,  or plan for an event.  Memory keeping in the traditional sense has never fit into my schedule, but I love how these bits of my kids writing serve as a sort of scrapbook, flooding me with memories whenever I stop to look at them.

If you’d like to encourage your kids to write more, it can be as simple as having supplies visible. Post-it notes, small note pads, scraps of paper, stationary are all great picks to have at the ready. Store them in a moveable caddy or have a spot in many rooms where paper and writing utensils are always available.  It also helps if you get the ball rolling.  Write little notes to your kids and see if they write back!!