Family Fun Time Unplugged – Spirograph

family unplugged time spirograph


I often think about how different my childhood was from my own chldren’s.  My parents were so hands off, I’d spend my afternoons and weekends wandering around the neighborhood on my bike or on foot.  I just had to be home for dinner.

I do like finding ways to bring snippets of my childhood into our family life.  It’s fun to share activities that brought me such joy and see how my boys react.  One thing that has caught their interest lately is an old vintage Spirograph set.  I purchased two recently to sell in my Etsy shop, but was lured into taking one out of the box and playing around with it.  My 9 year old was happy to join me.

unplugged family time spirograph

It was a bit trickier than I remembered, holding the frame and guiding the small gear around it’s grooves.  I took on an “experimenting” mindset to allay my sons initial frustration.  There is definitely a bit of a learning curve.  What fun is was playing with colors and different pieces!!  The best results came from a ballpoint pen-the colored pencils did break here and there.  We also moved it onto a self – healing mat so we could secure the ring with the pins.

vintage family fun spirograph

My son has picked up the set several times this week and has even begun to add his own freehand details to the designs.  (I will share one of his designs when he approves!) You can find my vintage sets here and here.  Amazon has a brand new one, too!

Have you shared any of your childhood favorites with your family?