Homework Station

homeworkstation 2

I couldn’t find a bracelet yesterday.  A beautiful, gold, linky one my parents had given me.  I scoured my bedroom, my office, the bathroom, the kitchen.  I was late leaving for work.  I was panicked. Could I have mistakenly thrown it out?

I took this as a sign to go a little deeper with my decluttering-a task I strangely relish. I am already famous for taking big bags to Goodwill, giving hand me downs and out grown toys to neighbors.  But, clearly, even I needed to do more.

Professional organizers might scoff at my plan.  Or rather lack of one.  Just knowing I had at least  30 minutes was enough for me to dig in.  I decided to pick one area to focus on–my office/crafty room/etsy storage room.   I took  3 containers off the shelves and started going thru them.  I matched like with like–sewing supplies, kids art work to save, craft supplies.

I was ruthless with my craft projects.  Some tough decisions had to be made.  Anything I had not touched in a year was placed in a bag for Goodwill.  With fewer projects to chose from, maybe I would actually complete one. When all was said and done, I had cleared two shelves and four containers.

clipboards homework station

That was a round about way to get to the homework station, but you know how one thing always leads to another.  I used two wall pockets from my office-one for each kid- to hold their work in progress. The boys get work on Mondays that has to be completed by Friday so   we had a real need for a visible spot to keep their work in progress.  Homework is primarily done at the kitchen table, but at times, the boys need to be separated.  This is where the clip boards come in handy.    Oh. And pencils.  The pencil cup alone has made life easier.  No more searching for something other than a colored pencil or marker.

So far this is working for us….I will keep you updated if I make any tweaks.  What change have you made lately that has made your life with kids easier? (And I DID find the bracelet!)