Raising Kids Who Love to Read

raising a reader

I listened to a SUPER podcast this week about raising kids who love to read. If you are a parent, this is a listening must. Sarah MacKenzie of the Read Aloud Revival Podcast (one of my faves!!) interviewed Dr. Daniel Willingham, a cognitive psychologist about his latest book, appropriately titled, Raising Kids Who Read. Having kids who love books has been one of my main goals as a parent and something that as a teacher, I get asked about all the time.

The podcast is filled with so much goodness, I can’t even mention the half of it, but I did get a few big takeaways:

Kids need to see reading as fun and enjoy the time that they are reading. If they read stuff you consider drivel, let them. Once they develop a love of the printed word, then you can gently guide them to read other books.

Make reading an option that is easy to choose. Have books available where kids normally are bored–in the car and in the bathroom.

Technology must be limited. You must make time for your kids to be able to choose to read. We are a super low technology house, but I did like one of their suggestions. Instead of having an amount of minutes for screen time, have an appropriated time during the day. For example, kids may be on screen from 4 to 5 o’clock. This way there is no negotiating about minutes lost or gained. Kids will not be bugging you all day and night, because they will know the allotted time.

I would love to hear some of your tips on raising readers!!