Start your Spring Cleaning now!

ways to purge before christmas


I gleaned some really great advice from a podcast a few weeks ago(Pat Flynn, I think) A guest was talking about the best way to have a successful 2016 is to have a power filled end of 2015.   Instead of waiting until January first to start, one needs to gain momentum of sorts.

Of course it makes TOTAL sense!!   Changing your life for the better takes some ramping up.  Success is harder to achieve if you expect to go from zero to sixty in a days time. (January 1st to be specific)

For me, nothing spells feeling ready for success like a household purge. The Holidays are the perfect time for this.  We all experience a huge influx of stuff around this time, so it’s best to get rid of some of the old.  If you need an excuse you have one–you’ll make room for all the new toys(your and theirs!)

For children, it is a great time to look at their toys and see what they might not be playing with anymore.  You may even be able to get them involved.  With  new toys staring your kids in the face, it  is not so difficult to get them to part with some of their old loot.   If not, you  might have to resort to covert tactics—of course no beloved toys should be secretly taken away.  Find the ones, way in the back of the closet, in the basement, or that have been stored away for awhile.  Take them out when the kids are not looking. They probably will be none the wiser.  Trust me, I have done this and no one has ever asked about any of it!

This is also a great time to evaluate your clothes and possibly do some purging in that area.  It has been cold for long enough that you have probably at least tried on all of the cold weather clothes in your closet.  You know what you like and what you hate. Get rid of anything you feel less than fabulous in, period.  I can not emphasize enough how great it feels to walk into a closet and like everything you see.  We have all winced at those jeans  from college we keep thinking we will get back into.

Books can be another source of clutter. Thrift stores are such a great source for us, but we do go crazy buying books. When it gets to the point where every surface is covered in books, it is time to slim things down a bit.  Having fewer books around actually makes my kids read more–fewer decisions to make, I think.  We keep our old favorites and purge the books we only wanted to read one time.

Once you have a car full of good karma(think of all the good you will doing for others) you have to decide where to donate the items.  There are many national chains like Goodwill or Salvation Army or perhaps your church or school takes unwanted items.  Local thrift shops are a great choice, too.  They often support charities right in your home town. We donate books to the local schools-teachers love to beef up their classroom libraries.

Wherever you decide to donate your items, know that you are doing a world of good for someone else.  I can’t think of a better way to start off a brand new year!!