More DIY Valentines for Kids

DIY Valentines for kids I probably go a little overboard with the production of Valentine’s cards-it is my favorite holiday, you know.  But we do hand out a ton of cards- to friends, neighbors, and lots of people at school.  As a result of my obsession, I have some really easy, great ideas for DIY Valentines for kids.
I love to use materials that are cheap and that may, already be in our house. For these DIY Valentines you will need just a few things: tissue paper-I got one package from the dollar store), tinfoil, construction paper and glue.

Your first step is to cut the tissue paper into small pieces-we did rough rectangle-y shapes.

Next, glue them onto a sheet of tinfoil in a random pattern.  We used ModPodge, but watered down glue would be fine too.  A sponge brush keeps hands from getting too sticky. For very small children, you can work the glue brush and they can place the tissue scraps.

DIY Valentines for kids

Let it dry completely-this can take 15 to 20 minutes. You are now ready to cut out some hearts. I cut the tinfoil into roughly 4″ square pieces, folded them in half and had my 10 year old cut the hearts out.  You could also draw or race hearts on the back of the foil with a marker and then cut them out.

DIY Valentines for kids

Finally, we glued the hearts onto black paper.  I love the contrast of the hearts on the black, but you could use any type of paper for your card. If you do use black paper, you’ll have to get a white pen or colored pencil to write your message.

I’d love to see what you create!  Drop me a line or upload your picture to Instagram and tag #heyfuzzymama.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!