Easy Homemade Paint


We are still on our school break over here and looking for fun indoor activities. We consulted a newly thrifted book –  Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions –and followed a recipe for Easy Homemade Paint. My boys love making concoctions and we had all the ingredients on hand.

The recipe is terribly easy and inexpensive, basically equal parts water and liquid starch with several drops of food coloring of your choice. The book described there would be a crystal like look to the paint when it dried.

easy homemade paint

What we got was not sparkly at all.  It was rather matte, actually. The boys were a bit disappointed as the results were not as dramatic as they had expected.  But as some failed experiments actually have some unexpected good side effects, we now have a new recipe for watercolors!

The paint is super fun for older kids to make themselves.(Liquid starch should not be consumed) I’m sure it would last quite awhile if stored in jars with a tight lid.  I can’t wait to make some with my class–we will get lots of mileage out of it, for sure.

we-made-stickbooks-with-ourI love to save our art work and reuse the pieces for other things. We’ll use our painting for backgrounds or book covers.  We’ve already made a few stick books with one of the paintings.  Perhaps we may even start thinking about our Valentines!

On a side note, The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions is filled with tons of other great looking concoctions.  We are going to try the dryer lint play dough once I get enough lint saved up.  Sounds just gross enough for my kids to love it!!

If you give the paint a try, our advice is to be heavy handed with the paint–the more paint you use, the darker and more vibrant it dries. Let me know how it turns out for you!