Emoji Rock Painting Invitation

Do you ever put out creative invitations for your kids to explore?  If you haven’t tried one yet, start with something easy and enticing, like this Emoji Rock Painting Invitation. Look at it like a little experiment and see what happens.

What is an invitation, you ask?

An invitation is simply gathering a few simple materials and setting them in a spot where your children will see them. That’s it.

Invitations can be open-ended, like a new set of markers and some interesting paper or a bit more focused, like this Emoji Rock Painting Invitation.

As my boys have gotten older(they are now 10 and 12!), the invitations don’t come as often, sometimes are not super well received,or don’t create as much enthusiasm as in days gone by. BUT,…..

What I’ve noticed is that even if my boys don’t fully participate in the invitation, it gets their creative juices flowing. They are more likely to then grab some markers and sketch, draw more boat floor plans, or get out their modeling beeswax.

My latest invitation, Emoji Rock Painting, is one I’ve seen going around Pinterest. It’s great for any kid who is comfortable using a marker. I already had all the supplies, so it was a no brainer. Here’s what you need to make an invitation of your own:


Paint pens(mine are Sharpie brand)

Black Sharpie marker – good for making the faces, too.

River rocks(or just search outside!)

Tray for presenting your materials.(Find them for cheap at Goodwill)

The Easy How-Tos:

  1. Collect your supplies together on a tray or plate, make it look enticing and set it someplace where it’s easily seen.
  2. Stand back and see what happens!
  3. You may want to create an example if you are stearing them in a certain direction. I made one emoji as an example and then colored a few of the rocks yellow to get them started.

I just love the results! Even the mad ones, make me happy. They’d make great magnets or gifts, too. I  may even try this with my classroom!

Let me know what happens if you decide to set this up. Stay tuned for more art invitation ideas….I’m kind of on a roll this summer! The invitations are getting lots more creating going on around here which is the goal, after all!

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