Our Favorite Holiday Books




In addition to getting out all of our holiday decorations about this time of year, we get out a box of treasured holiday books. My boys literally squeal with excitement, drop everything and run to revisit these books. Some we have had for many years, a few titles are relatively new.

Here is the short list of our very favorites:

Ollie’s Ski Trip by Elsa Beskow is a magical story of a little boy who meets Jack Frost and  King Winter.  The illustrations are exquisite, the bit of fantasy divine.  Anything by Elsa is a sure thing.

Too Many Mittens by Florence and Louis Slobodkin was written in 1958 and it’s simplicity is enviable. Two young boys ambitiously help to solve a problem of some missing mittens.

The Three Snow Bears and  The Christmas Trolls by Jan Brett.  I love the dreamy illustrations as much as the old fashioned story lines.

The Beautiful Christmas Tree was a serendipitous thrift store fine.  It carries a beautiful, timeless message.

These books are read constantly for their month long stay.  I think the fact that they are only around for a short time adds to their appeal!  I try to add a few to the collection each year.  Do you have a favorite to recommend? Please share!!