Messy Art – Monoprinting made easy


monoprinting with kids 3

My boys are always intrigued by messy art projects and anything having to do with paint usually fits the bill.  Recently, we tried monoprinting and fell in love with it.  It sounds fancy and complicated, but it’s not.  You probably already have everything you need.

monoprinting with kids

Gather some acrylic paints and brushes, any size drawing paper (We used some newsprint and some 50 Pound white paper), and a sheet of plexiglass.  You can find plexi at most hardware stores or you can just take a sheet out of a frame you are not using.

To get started, simply paint directly onto the plexiglass.  Monoprinting lends itself to simple shapes and squiggles-perfect for even the youngest artist.  Remember, the painting will be reversed, so stick to more abstract markings.

monoprinting with kids 2



Be fairly liberal with the paint and work quickly.  You don’t want the paint to be so thin that it dries before you have the chance to print the image. Carefully place a sheet of paper over your painting and press it down, making sure you get to all the corners. Next, peel the paper up slowly and voila!! You have a mono print.  Set it aside to dry and try another!

monoprinting 3

Now, as the name implies you can only get one image for each painting. It just means there’s more opportunity to paint! The boys were so thrilled with the results we did not even take the time to wipe the plexi in between prints.  The bulk of the paint is transferred onto the paper and any stray wet paint just adds to the look!




I am warning you—this is delightfully addictive. Fortunately, there are many things you can do with your prints.  They are beautiful framed, given as gifts, made into notecards, or used as backgrounds for other works. I’d love to know if you try it, drop me a line.