Our New Favorite Natural ADHD Supplement

You  may be familiar with our amazing ADHD natural supplements and the success we’ve had with treating adhd without drugs. (If not, read this first – these are proven natural remedies for my kids with ADHD) But, as we are entering the teen years, it’s harder and harder to get my teenager to take his supplements……All to often, I hear “Don’t force me, Not now, Mom!” and sometimes flat out “No!”  Luckily, I quickly put that behavior to an end with our new favorite natural supplement for ADHD.  

When natural supplements taste great, it’s much easier to get my kids on board –which is why they still NEVER complain about our fish oil.  The makers of KidsCalm Multi (our old standby until recently) have a few other products out….and I found one my kids love! Meet our new favorite natural supplement for adhd:

Natural Vitalty’s Calm Kids

Our new favorite supplement for ADHD is a yummy tasting drink which can be easily mixed with water by kids themselves.  Nature’s Vitality, the makers of our long standing favorite, KidsCalm, calls this The Kids Calm -Focus drink mix,

Transition times can be tough for kids with ADHD.  Our mornings have gotten especially challenging:  waking up a teen and a tween and getting them to school can be tough at our house.  Calm Kids drink mix has been a great addition to our morning routine – and most importantly one that my kids do willingly. 

 In fact, my boys love this so much they wake up asking for it, make it themselves,  and drink it down without a problem.  I’m happy because it has so much good stuff in it.

Magnesium and B vitamins are great for ADHD

Calm Kids drink mix provides nearly half of the recommended daily allowance of magnesium – a nutrient that calms our entire system naturally.  Kids with ADHD seem to be particular deficient in this important mineral. We still take our Magmind at night, but Calm Kids is a great tasting way to get our morning dose of magnesium and really is a great addition to treating adhd without drugs.

In addition to magnesium, Calm Kids has two important B vitamins- B6 and B12 – which support brain health. Like ADHD medcations, B6 is a dopamine transmitter, helping the brain to form more of this natural feel good chemical. But this is all natural!

Make sure you are taking B6 and magnesium for ADHD. Supplementation of magnesium and vitamin B has been shown to decrease irritatbiltly and increase overall wellbeing and focus in kids with ADHD.

But wait! There’s more!!

So, yes, B6 and magnesium are great for ADHD, but there’s more to love about Calm Kids Drink Mix. Some added bonuses in the Calm Kids Drink Mix are Vitamin D and C, along with Suntheinine a form of the amino acid, L-theanine which supports brain development. 

Note: Do not expect this to be an overnight change – it can take 8 weeks or longer to see the full effect of the supplements. If there is anything I’ve learned during our ADHD journey, its that slow and steady tweaks add up to big changes. 

Magnesium overdose warning – if your child is taking a stimulant, they will absorb magnesium more readily, so be sure to ask a doctor before adding it into their diet.  If you notice a laxative effect, cut back on the amount your kids are taking. This had never happened to us, but I mention it because it’s something to watch out for.

What I notice in my own kids

Because my kids take this first thing in the am, I get to see some of the results!  Our mornings are calmer, less fighting about packing their own lunches and easier to get out the door on time. It’s hard to directly correlate these things…and we do get lots of quality sleep and eat a great breakfast to boot, but just the fact that there is no whining about taking their supplements is such a plus for me!

We’ve only been taking this for about 8 weeks, so I’ll be back with an update in another month.  But so far, so good!

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