Slowing Down the Days – Savoring the Minutes With Your Kids



Working full time has really limited the time I can spend with my boys. By the time I pick them up and get them home, it is often time for dinner, then showers, then bed.  If I am not careful, I cane easily get caught up in the to do’s and spend my evening checking off boxes in my head instead of spending time with my boys.

Sneaking in 10 minutes with each child has really become a lifesaver. Everyone’s mood lifts and relaxes when we spend a bit of quiet time together.  Sometimes I take some time individually with each of my sons, sometimes we are all together. We have a screen free school week in our house, so we look for other ways to entertain ourselves. Our shelves are stocked with lots of games and playing a quick round has been one of our go to activities recently. I let the boys choose and we enjoy some meaningful minutes with each other.

playing vintage games with your family

I am often reminded of the saying, “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” I have seen nephews grow up seemingly overnight and I think about this all the time when I look at my own boys.  The time with them under roof really is so short, so sweet. I want to slow down the days.

How do you slow down the days?