The Best Boy Books for Reluctant Readers

If you’ve got a busy boy, who may be a bit reluctant to pick up a book you know it can be hard to wrangle them long enough to sit and read anything.

I get it! I have two very busy (mine both carry an ADHD diagnosis), very active boys who now LOVE reading.

How’d that happen, you ask? How can you get a reluctant reader to not only pick up a book, but end up loving reading?

I credit lots of things, but these books for reluctant boy readers attracted my boys and held their interest more than any others. 

 Admittedly, not all of them are MY favorites.

But, I’ve talked about this before.

The most important piece in raising a reader is to have kids see reading as an enjoyable activity.

I was extremely diligent in finding books that my kids enjoyed – sometimes to my chagrin.

These books peaked their interests and I indulged them.  Our house became full of books! We’d scour thrift stores for books, I gave my kids an allowance for books, and we’d travel to multiple libraries to fill our arms with books they loved.

It may take a few tries, but I am positive that you’ll find at least a few of these books to be right on the money for your ADHD kiddo. 

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The Best Boy Books for Reluctant Readers

Steven Caney’s Ultimate Building Book

It has been my experience raising two boys with ADHD, that if you can get them interested in something, their symptoms seems to melt away.

Both of my boys, and I would argue boys, in general, LOVE to build things.   Steven Caney’s Ultimate Building Book appeals to kids 4 to 94! The book is packed with any and all information you’d ever need to create and build just about anything. 

Caney has us exploring household and natural materials we all have at our disposal in new and inventive ways. You no doubt will have a Jr. architect on your hands. These activities kept my kids busy for hours and hours on end.  A must have for any boy’s library.

Rekindle or start your kid’s passion for building with Steven Caney’s Ultimate Building Book.   This is truly a book for the whole family – I’ve learned a lot about architecure and created a few things, myself. 

Stephen Biesty’s Cross Sections Books

Stephen Biesty makes some of the best high interest books for reluctant readers. Biesty’s books appeal to curious kids who love to know how things work.

Warning: Your kids may sit and look at these books for hours!!

The illustrations in Biesty’s cross section books are packed full of  minute details about the interiors of ships, buildings, and vehicles. There are lots of fun facts to be discovered, and curious details are highlighted and explained.

These books can be enjoyed by emerging and struggling readers because there is just so much to look at. My kids have loved The Castle and Man O’War books since they were about 3 and have been the inspiration for years of drawings. All of Biesty’s books that we own have been pretty much constantly off our bookshelves for years. 

David Macaulay’s Castle, Cathedral, and Mill

David Macaulay’s books are similar to Stephen Biesty’s books because they show the detailed inner workings of large structures.  Macaulay’s style is a bit simpler and his illustrations look like pencil sketches.

His books, like Castle and Cathedral,  chronicle the building process of huge structures from planning to completion.  Macaulay’s books are historical in nature, as he shows the building processes of 100 years ago or more. 

We loved his Pyramid, and Mill books also. These books have definitely fueled my kids’ passion for building and architecture. 

DK Eyewitness Books

DK Eyewitness Books are classics and so visually rich, your kids will love to just page thru the pictures! My kids loved these book even before they were readers. They’d flip to a random page and ask me to read it to them. Our first favorites were Airplanes, Knight, and Castle

We’ve been collecting these for years – from thrift stores and as gifts for special occasions. My kids’ favorites change from year to year as they get into new things. 

Now that my kids are a bit older, they love any of the Star Wars books, World War 2, and A Street Thru Time that chronicles the changes on a street thru 1,000 years. 

Both of my boys really love history and are quite knowledgable – these books laid the foundation of their love of people and places. 

The Julius Zebra Series by Gary Northfield

Gary Northfield is hysterical and in my opinion, his books are better than Wimpy Kid! My boys read his first book, Julius Zebra, Rumble With the Romans over and over again and now there are more books (that we just ordered!).

The format is easy to read – the pages are a nice mix of text and illustrations.

The slight hint of historical fiction adds to the educational factor of these books as well. These books make great gifts, too – we have introduced many a kiddo to the Julius Zebra books. 

13 Story Treehouse Series

These were some of the first “chapter” books my kids read. They are hilarious (for the 7 to 12 set) and full of imaginative, good fun. 

Like the Julius Zebra books, these are heavily illustrated and do not seem overwhelming to kids who may struggle to read. The short pages and hilarious, outlandish story line keep them interested and engaged.

Grab the whole set – they’re up to the 117 Story Treehouse now!

Sherman’s Lagoon Comic Strip Collections

Both of my kids love comics and graphic novels.  I think they are great for busy boys and reluctant readers because they are super engaging and not overly intimidating.

Plus the extra visual cues of the cartoon make it easy on the reader. 

Sherman’s Lagoon is good clean fun, yet, not babyish. Kids can get a quick win by reading even just one cartoon. These make great bathroom readers!

2 garfield comic books

Garfield Comic Series

My kids have been collecting Garfield books for about 5 years. Like Sherman’s Lagoon, Garfield comics are a non-intimidating way to get kids reading – and they are so funny!!

We have a ton of Garfield books we found at the thrift store – it’s something my kids still like to hunt for. Be careful – you might get hooked!!

Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales

Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales is another series my kids just consume!!  My boys are history buffs(due in part to these books!) and graphic novel lovers – so these fit the bill. 

Hale’s books chronicle important people, places and events in history – WW1 and WW2 battles, The Underground Railroad, Grand Canyon National Park – in a very kid friendly and creative way. 

Try them and see what happens!

Like anything with parenting, you just have to try these books and see what sticks!

I love the concept of strewing books – placing them around your house 

We have really gotten tons of mileage out of these. Most of these books have been read by my kids for about 10 years! These also make really great gifts. 

Do let me know which ones turn out to be your kids new favorites!

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