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Helpful stuff for Summer

Must-Have Summer Essentials for ADHD Kids – 12 plus years tested and kid-approved.

ADHD Summer Survival Plans

Preventing “Summer Slide” with your ADHD Kiddo

Fun stuff for the outdoors and indoors is HERE — originally a gift guide, you will find so many fun things to occupy your kids and keep them off screens.

Imperfect Produce

Imperfect Produce helps me stay on budget buying organic produce – plus a whole lot of other things that fit our ADHD Diet. 
Use this link to get $$$ off your first order – and I’ll get $ too. You’ll love it!!

Chores for ADHD Kids and Teens

All things chores for ADHD kids Blog post, HERE.

Most used, tool – a small wipe board.

ADHD Resource Guide

This guide of stuff to calm kids, create independence, keep them off screens, and figure out what to cook, has just the best of the best from the past 10 years of parenting two kids with ADHD. Check it out, HERE.

Here’s our favorite Resources at the moment:

Declarative Language, by Linda Murphy

Katie Kimball’s Cookbooks have been used weekly for 8 years and counting.

SensaCalm Weighted Blankets have been a lifesaver for getting my son to sleep – and keeping him asleep!

JustThrive Probiotics…..this Dynamic Duo is dramatically improving my mood.

ADHD Classroom Accommodations Checklist

If you are trying to get a 504 or just need some ideas for accommodations, check this out.

The Best Timer for ADHD Kids

We love the Time Timer for keeping my ADHD kids on track for homework. Here’s the cheapest one and the one with a whiteboard built in.

Read more about why it’s THE BEST HERE.

Parenting  Books I REALLY Recommend: 

Emotionally Resilient Tweens and Teens by Kim John Payne

Being at Your Best, When Your Kids Are at Their Worst by Kim John Payne

From Boys to Men by Maggie Dent (The best book about raising boys!!)

Our favorite Probiotic

We LOVE JustThrive’s formula because of it’s high survivability — it actually makes to where it’s supposed to go. You can empty the capsules into oatmeal, yogurt and even bake them into brownies!

Also, their new product, Joot, gives added benefit to your mood! I notice a lift in my mood after just a few days of taking it regularly.

Our Favorite Cookbooks.

Katie Kimball’s cookbooks are budget friendly and her recipes can easily be modified for all kinds of diets.

My kid’s now cook one dinner a week thanks to Katie’s Kids Cook Real Food classes

ADHD Diet Resources

Our Favorite Cookbooks, we use every week!

 ADHD Diet on a Budget – How to start an ADHD Diet, while saving money.

ADHD Diet: A Month of Groceries – see exactly what I bought and spent, feeding my family for an entire month.

Foods to Avoid if You Have ADHD – see the big list of what to look for on labels.

Amazon Subscribe and Save Order: Seaweed Snacks, Aloha Bars, GoMacro Bars, Larabars


Reflex Integration to Treat ADHD

Elizabeth Hickman’s Website and Events are HERE.

How Reflex Integration helped my two boys with ADHD.


Our supplements for kids/teens with ADHD/Anxiety are HERE.


Some of My Favorite Things for School:

The Best Cookies with 16 grams of protein – MunkPacks

Our favorite packaged snacks to fuel ADHD kids for learning!

Our Time Timer we use 3 or 4 times a day!

Our new Dry Erase Time Timer

The mini wipe board we use every day(I have 3 of them!!)

This Case-It binder (single binder with accordian files and dual binder version)keeps my teenagers organized!!

Super Helpful Things I am Loving Now!

 These Cookbooks help me make great lunches.

Our Weighted Blanket We Can’t Live Without

Brain-Body Parenting, makes my Top-Five Parenting Reads List.

Here’s my favorite healthy snack Cookbook for my ADHD kids.

Most Popular Posts at the Moment: 

These books turned my ADHD boys into readers!

The One Night That Changed How I Parent My ADHD Kid is the story I tell everyone!

ADHD Diet Posts

ADHD Diet 101 and budgeting tips

A Month of Groceries for an ADHD Diet

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