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Thanks for Finding Me on Instagram! 

I’m a Montessori teacher, ADHD Parenting Blogger and Simplicity Parenting Coach raising two, teen boys with my husband outside Chicago.

More comfortable off the beaten path, I started my blog to chronicle our journey supporting two boys with ADHD. 

I’m passionate about sharing our (mostly) natural approach to fight the puzzle that is ADHD in the hopes that we can help families find their own solutions for success.

Want exclusive tips for ADHD Parents?  YES, I DO!!


Some of My Favorite Things for School:

The Best Cookies with  16 grams of protein – MunkPacks

Our favorite packaged snacks to fuel ADHD kids for learning!

Our Time Timer we use 3 or 4 times a day!

Our new Dry Erase Time Timer

The mini wipe board we use every day(I have 3 of them!!)

This Case-It binder (single binder with accordian files and dual binder version)keeps my teenagers organized!!

The planner for kids who don’t like planners!

Times Tales for learning our facts: DVD or Workbook for Upper Facts

 These Cookbooks help me make great lunches for ADHD.

Our Weighted Blanket We Can’t Live Without

Super Helpful Things I am Loving Now!

Brain-Body Parenting, makes my Top-Five Parenting Reads List.

My Most Used Cookbooks for my ADHD kids.

More  favorite cookbooks for following an ADHD Diet

Our newest TIME TIMER is HERE.

Most Popular Posts at the Moment: 

These books turned my ADHD boys into readers!

The One Night That Changed How I Parent My ADHD Kid is the story I tell everyone!

ADHD Diet Posts

ADHD Diet 101 and budgeting tips

A Month of Groceries for an ADHD Diet

Imperfect Produce

Imperfect Produce helps me stay on budget buying organic produce – plus a whole lot of other things that fit our ADHD Diet. 
Use this link to get $$$ off your first order – and I’ll get $ too. You’ll love it!!

Parenting  Books I REALLY Recommend: 

Being at Your Best, When Your Kids Are at Their Worst by Kim John Payne

Bright Kids Who Can’t Keep Up by Ellen Braaten, PhD.

From Boys to Men by Maggie Dent (The best book about raising boys!!)

Helpful Links:

Good Stuff for ADHD Parenting Blog

Our favorite cookbooks from Katie Kimball

My Etsy Shop – Vintage Fun!

Some of these are affiliate links, which means I may get a small commission if you buy one of the products using my link. I only write about products I think are worth your time and money.



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