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The Best ADHD Superfoods

These superfoods can do wonders for your adhd kiddo. We know a great, high protein diet is important. Superfoods have so many benefits and can be added easily to lots of foods. We have found the best superfoods for adhd for our family.  My kids love these 5 superfoods.

Have you tried any of the “superfoods” that have been getting lots of press lately?

I am pretty crazy sometimes about getting really good nutrition into my two boys with ADHD and I love how the superfoods can really add a big boost to an ADHD diet for kids. I’ve tried many of them for our family and I think I’ve found the Best Superfoods for ADHD.

I am convinced that what ADHD kiddos eat can shape how they feel and act.

 They do well with a basic, healthy breakfast and lunch, for sure. But superfoods have been making a huge comeback and are so readily available. With so many great options that can give your ADHD kids an even greater nutritional punch, who can argue against using these amazing, nutrient-dense foods?

I’ll give you an inside look into which of these amazing foods we’ve found to be the best superfoods for adhd – and how to get them into your ADHD kid’s diet. 

And don’t miss my best tip for using ADHD Superfoods at the end of this post.

What makes a superfood… SUPER?  

Superfoods are foods that contain significantly higher quantities of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other brain-boosting, body-loving ingredients than most other foods. Super foods are found in nature and have been around for thousands of years.  

Although I am not brand loyal, I do buy organic whenever possible. It’s best to get these powerful foods in their organic form to make sure there are not pesky toxins to negate all their positive qualities.

So, just what are, in my opinion, the best superfoods for ADHD? Here, in no particular order, are the superfoods we’ve used and love.

ADHD Superfood #1 – Chia Seeds

Once used by the Ancient Incas and Mayans as a dietary staple, these tiny seeds have been gaining in popularity in our modern culture, as well.

 And for good reason.

A 2 Tablespoon serving of chia seeds gives you 11 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, and 5 grams of Omega 3’s(remember how good these fats are for your brain?).

If that’s not enough to sell you, this small serving provides 30% of your daily dose of magnesium(relaxes, remember?) and phosphorus. Magnesium calms the nervous system and fights depression and is involved in over 600 reactions in our body.

How I get Chia Seeds in our diet:

Chia seeds mix easily into many foods we already eat, like yogurt(we get coconut yogurt) or oatmeal.  We have tried chia puddings, but my kids tend to not like the slimy texture chia seeds get when they soak.  I’ve had the most success putting them into baked goods, like our cowboy cookies or baked oatmeal. They are easy to add into a gluten free cake mix, as well.

These superfoods can do wonders for your adhd kiddo. We know a great, high protein diet is important. Superfoods have so many benefits and can be added easily to lots of foods. We have found the best superfoods for adhd for our family.  My kids love these 5 superfoods.

ADHD Superfood #2 – Hemp Seeds

I first came across hemp seeds when I was trying to get more protein in my kids diet. Neither of my kids are real meat lovers, and we are super low on dairy, so I needed a good plant source for protein. Hemp seeds pack a good protein punch – and thats just for starters.

A two tablespoon serving provides 5 grams of protein, 300 mg. of potassium(close to one banana!) plus lots of vitamin A and iron.  They are also filled with lots of good fats – Omega 3’s and 6’s – which we know are great for ADHD brains

How I get hemp seeds in our diet:

Hemp seeds are easy to get in because they have such a mild, nutty flavor.  I primarily bake with them because they are simple to add to my baked oatmeal, cookies, or granola bars.  I also add them to yogurt, sprinkle over salads, add them to our oatmeal sundaes or press them into a peanut butter sandwich. 

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These superfoods can do wonders for your adhd kiddo. We know a great, high protein diet is important. Superfoods have so many benefits and can be added easily to lots of foods. We have found the best superfoods for adhd for our family.  My kids love these 5 superfoods.

ADHD Superfood #3 – Cacao Powder

This is hands down my ADHD kiddos favorite superfood!  It makes everything taste so decadent!! Cacao is very different from the cocoa powder of my youth.

Cacao is the unprocessed version of cocoa, which means it’s kept all the goodness and has no added pesky chemicals. Ancient cultures called this the drink of the God’s – and for good reason!

Cacao is immensely helpful in boosting the brain’s feel good chemicals like serotonin and dopamine – two chemical ADHDer’s typically struggle to produce. Cacao also improves brain function  and has a very high iron content – a nutrient typically low in kids with ADHD. 

How I get Cacao Powder into our diet: 

Its a no brainer to get raw cacao powder into my kids diet!  I make cacao bliss balls every week with cacao for easy, on the go breakfasts or snacks. The whole family loves raw cacao in smoothies(I can pack a ton of greens when I add about two tablespoons of cacao). or just stir cacao powder into yogurt.  It also makes a mean, avocado mousse

ADHD Superfood #4 – Maca Root 

While Maca powder is kind of new to us, it’s been on the superfood scene for thousands of years. Part of the cabbage family, it’s most commonly grown in the mountainous regions of Peru.

To be honest, I started using maca for myself to balance my own hormones, but soon heard about all of its other benefits. There’s so much more that makes this a great ADHD Superfood.

 Maca is an adaptogen herb which means it not only promotes your overall well-being, but it helps your nervous system more easily adapt to  new situations, as well. Maca can help promote emotional well-being and boost memory – all things my kids struggle with.

Maca Root also helps to reduce cortisol levels, which is so helpful if you have an ADHD kiddo like mine who is in fight or flight mode on a daily basis.

How I get Maca Root into our diet:

Maca Root is most commonly found ground into a fine powder. Its taste and smell  are  very pleasant, almost ginger or cinnamon-like.

I add it to our baked oatmeal and cookies, as well as put it into smoothies.  The powder is easily added to almost energy ball recipe, too.

 If your kids are into tea, you can also serve it up as a warm beverage.

ADHD Superfood #5 – Flax Seed Meal

Flax has been used for its healing and nutritive powers since 650 B.C. and is probably the superfood that was first popularized in our modern culture.

Flax seed meal(make sure to grind the seeds yourself or purchase them ground) is high in essential fatty acids which are a great foundation for a healthy diet. There have been many studies which have linked an increase in essential fatty acids to an improvement in the symptoms of ADHD. 

Gut health is being touted as an important thing for everyone, and may be a link to most chronic illnesses, including ADHD. Researchers are finding out that an unhealthy gut can cause issues for our emotions and brain functioning.  Flax seeds are very high in fiber which keeps things moving along in our gut.

How I get flax seed meal into our diet:

Like hemp seeds, flax seed meal is a pretty painless add-in.  It’s nutty and mild and fairly undetectable in baked goods or oatmeal.  I sprinkle it on pancakes (we called it sprinkles when my kids were little and it sounds like a treat, doesn’t it?) and stir it into yogurt, too. 

ADHD Superfood # 6 – Nutritional Yeast

I will be honest and say that I do not eat nutritional yeast myself. It kind of grosses me out.  But my kids LOVE it. They ask for it all the time,in fact, and I feed it to them freely! 

Nutritional yeast is grown on molasses (or the like)  and then harvested and heated, so it stops growing. It’s then crumbled into flakes and packaged for sale.

Nutritional yeast is a complete protein, which means it has all 18 amino acids. It also is loaded with B vitamins, which help keep a stable mood and alleviate depression .  Nutritional yeast also has loads of trace minerals such as zinc and selenium which aid the function of the brain.

How I get Nutritional Yeast into my kids diet:

My kids use Nutritional Yeast as you would parmesan cheese – sprinkled on pastas, soups and salads.  They also love it on buttered toast! 

If you eat popcorn, it’s great sprinkled on when the popcorn is hot. 

My Best Tip for using superfoods!

I know we are all busy and stressed out, so baking something from scratch can seem overwhelming. Buying the ingredients, measuring, mixing and then cleaning up afterwards can make you NOT WANT TO DO IT.  

I will often buy a really good baking mix, like Simple Mills or Bob’s Red Mill to use as my starting point. I add a few extra eggs, a handful of oatmeal and a few big tablespoons of a superfood.  It’s easy and gets the job done!!  

We love the Simple Mills banana muffin mix and their vanilla cake mix( I add 3 to 4 eggs and a cup and a half of oatmeal, along with my superfood to cut the sugar per serving) 

I’m excited to hear which superfoods you like the best! Let me know in the comments how you get superfoods into your ADHD kiddo’s diet.

And as always, the conversation continues on Instagram. Follow me @heyfuzzymama for lots of everyday details about raising two kids with ADHD.

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  1. This is informative! There are alternative medications to ADHD and that includes supplementation with omegas 3s, parent training, neurofeedback, and memory training. Effective treatment for a child’s ADHD usually includes medication and one or more types of therapy, as well as behavioral measures that you can put into practice as a parent.

    1. Thanks for reading….medication is an option for many people with ADHD…it just didn’t work for us. In fact, it made it worse. So we are taking the natural route, for now.

    2. My son is in treatment for leukemia so we’re really trying to avoid more meds. Thank you for the list of great ideas.

      1. Laila, Thanks so much for reaching out. I wish you and your son all the best. Do you have a doctor who is knowledgable about nutrition and all it’s great benefits?

      2. Debra Taylor says:

        Be careful with chia seeds and medication interactions. Chia seeds can block the receptors and the medication can’t bind. This can happen with other meds besides ones prescribed for ADHD

        1. Thanks for the heads up…my kids are not on medication, but this is good info for anyone who is. : )

  2. Great list! I’m a 41 yo mom. I’m trying to get and adhd diagnosis myself. Tried 15 years ago, but that attempt failed after the psychologist talked to my mom.. ??

    I’m open to meds as a tool. But prefer to handle this naturally.

    1. Glad you found us!! I hope you find some good stuff to add to your diet. Let me know what helps the most.

  3. Can I mix all these super foods together in one smoothie?

    1. HI! i usually pick two at a time….although some are mild enough, like chia and hemp and the collagen, to add in at one time. In my opinion, the ashwaganda has the strongest taste and should be used in much smaller amounts than the others. You could mix the chia, hemp, and collagen in a jar together and just scoop into smoothies, oatmeal, and muffins.

  4. Ruth Elliott says:

    I’m 63 and have had ADHD my whole life along with allergies… WHEAT, MILK, TOMATOES and ORANGES!! Was never tested as a child… “ she just doesn’t pay attention”!!! Love these ideas and will be trying new things on my menu!! Thanks so very much!!!❤️

    1. How wonderful for you to be delving into new and exciting things! Let me know how it goes.

  5. This is a great article. Thank you for writing such an informative article. 💗