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Natural Remedies for treating kids with ADHD

natural supplements for adhd

As a parent of 2 kids with ADHD, there are many things that overwhelm me when it comes to making choices for my children. Natural remedies for ADHD, like nutrition and supplements have been something  we have worked on for years.

I have tried many different things and can honestly say, that I have found the best proven natural remedies that help my kids’ ADHD, tremendously.

Also, if you have a picky eater, scroll to the end for special supplement recommendations that taste yummy.

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2 First Steps in your ADHD Parenting Journey:

  • The goal is for your kids to have healthy bodies, overall. I am pretty vigilant about sticking to an adhd diet for both my teenage boys with ADHD. We stay away from gluten completely. We limit processed sugar as much as possible. I buy organic fruits and vegetables as much as the budget allows. We are low on grains and eat mostly grass fed meat. Dairy is also limited. Both boys drink water or unsweetened almond or coconut milk, pretty much exclusively. 
  • Realize Your Part in This Journey. I have read tons of parenting books to help our struggles, as well.  I fully acknowledge that I can be part of the problem when it comes to my kids’ behavior. I have learned so much about how my actions can directly affect my kiddo’s ability to cope, remain calm – you name it! 

These two steps alone have made a big impact on both of my boys. 

And HEY,  We are not perfect!!  My teens do stray from their ADHD Diet at parties and friends’ houses etc.  But at home I serve food that helps them stick to an ADHD Diet

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Important Points About ADHD Natural Remedies

  • Every kid is different. Unfortunately, there is not one size fits all solution when it comes to finding natural remedies for ADHD. Finding what works may take a bit of trial and error, as it did with us.
  • If you can get professional help from an integrative doctor or wholistic nutritionist, it could save you lots of time. These professionals can run tests and figure out if there specific things that are going on with your child. It was not until my boys hit puberty, that I sought the help of a wholistic nutritionist
  • Certain supplements, like magnesium can have the opposite effect on people with certain genetic compositions, like the mthfr gene. Stop taking any supplement, obviously, if your child has an adverse reaction. Genetic tests are fairly easy to get these days as well as simple blood tests run by a functional doctor. 
  • Find a reputable source for your supplements.  Your local drugstore is most likely, not the place to purchase supplements.  I mention great brands in this article with reliable links, but also, check your local health food store or Whole Foods for reliable brands. 

I am not a physician or certified nutritionist – just an overly zealous mom who has tried so many things to naturally help my sons’ ADHD symptoms.  These supplements were what we landed on after trying many other things.  These worked for us (and still do at 13 and 15!)

I share them in the hopes that it may help you in your search to find the best natural supplements for your ADHD Kiddo. 

The BEST natural “remedy” is a Good Night’s rest

Okay, I will get to the supplements in a second. But, first, I have to share that one of the best things to help my son’s ADHD was – and still is, 7 years later – being proactive about getting a good night’s sleep. A lot of ADHD kids have trouble settling into sleep, and staying asleep. My oldest was one of them.

We started getting very proactive about getting a routine in place, turning off screens, plus many other things you can see in this POST. But, our best purchase, hands down, was a weighted blanket,

Under his weighted blanket, my son falls asleep in 10 minutes and does not get up at all during the night. You can read more about it here and check out the clearance section where we have now purchased two blankets – one for each of my kids. 

Supplements for Treating ADHD Symptoms

supplements for attention and focus

Natural Remedies for Focus and Attention

Bluebonnet Animalz Multiple

When our standby, KidsCalm Multi, was discontinued, I went on a search for a replacement multivitamin. My standards are strict and sadly, it’s hard to find a vitamin without added sugar or other icky things.

You can follow my search on Instagram and read other’s suggestions from lovely readers in the comments below, too. 

I landed on Bluebonnet Animalz Multiple and my kids take it without even a reminder – a plus of our low sugar diet – these taste yummy to them! These have a lot of B Vitamins and also Inositol(B8) – which has been shown to help with brain function and the balance of serotonin and dopamine(two important mood chemicals ADHD kids seem to be deficient in).

Barlean’s Fish Oil

We have been hearing about the beneficial effects of fish oil for kids with ADHD for awhile now–especially boys, who’s brains seem to be starving. Some fish oil supplements taste icky or make you burp up a fishy taste-Barleans does not.  The flavors are yummy and both my boys take a healthy dose of this every morning.

Some of the flavors have added sweeteners, like xylitol, which are made from corn. While we try to avoid corn in our diet,  this small amount does not seem to effect my boys. Just a word of caution if you are avoiding corn completely for an allergy – check the label.

This fish oil,  has also had an overall great effect on my boys’ health, too.  They are rarely sick and miss school one or two days a year for illness. 

Now Foods Berrydophilous

Gut health is another topic that has gotten so much press lately.  Our gut, it seems, is like our second brain, with it’s massive amount of neural tissue capable of affecting our mood and overall well-being. A healthy gut is vital for overall health, the absorption of nutrients, protecting the body from foreign invaders, and the regulation of many  hormones.

 Yogurt can help to introduce good bacteria into the gut, but watch out for high sugar content and other added icky ingredients.  These chewable tablets by NOW Foods , taken every day can help to  get a good dose of healthy gut bacteria.  These taste great, there is no complaining.  

Be careful what you purchase!  Many probiotics, tested by third parties, have zero beneficial strands left in them from sitting on the shelf. I love the NOW Foods brand because they made Mamavations BEST list.(Leah tests the heck out of everything on her website.)

What I notice:  My boys rarely get sick or have a need for antibiotics.  Their day to day physical health is pretty amazing. Their overall wellness contributes greatly to all aspects of their life, including reducing the symptoms of ADHD. 

Like the fish oil, these have Xylitol – a sweetener derived from corn. I have not noticed any ill effects in my kids who normally stay away from corn in general, but some people steer clear of all corn sweeteners. It’s hard to find a good chewable without it, sadly! As soon as my youngest can swallow big pills, we’ll transition off chewables.

Simple Spectrum Nutritional Support

This multi-vitamin is brand new to us and I love it!!!!  The company reached out to me and sent me the first jar cost free to see if I would try it. The supplement is made for kids on the spectrum because of its super safe formula that is designed to support enhanced neurological function. While neither of my boys carry an ASD diagnosis, this supplement is so high quality and packed – I mean packed- with good stuff, I have now ordered two more jars on my own. 

It is a powder that mixes easily with applesauce, smoothies, etc so for my kiddo who still can’t take pills, it’s perfect!! Simple Spectrum helps help fill the vitamin and mineral gaps when you have a hard time getting your kiddo to eat all the right foods. Just read the testimonials HERE.

Just Thrive Probiotics 

My oldest (15) is currently taking Just Thrive Probiotics – my kids are older and can mostly take capsules now.  (Although, these can be opened up and mixed into just about anything – even baked into our oatmeal casserole and cowboy cookies.)

I learned all about the Just Thrive brand on The Wellness Mama podcast and was sold on them very quickly.  Turns out, a lot of the good bacteria in killed in the stomach by the digestive acids. Makes sense, right? 

So Just Thrive’s Probiotics are spore based, which means they can survive in the stomach. In fact, the survivability rate of this product is INCREDIBLE. The probiotic strands have 1000x higher rate of survival than greek yogurt! Wow. 

My kids take one a day and often pair it with a prebiotic from Just Thrive, too.

Just Thrive PREbiotic

We take this yummy PREbiotic also by JustThrive to give those little bacteria something they love to eat.  

Here’s the thing about probiotics – they need to be met in the gut with good food to help them survive – or they won’t last very long. You can naturally eat lots of prebiotics in fruits and veggies, but with two teens in the house, I don’t always want to fight with them about food. 

This product is a bit of an insurance policy for me.  No use spending lots of money on probiotics if they starve to death once they hit the gut. 

Supplements to Help With Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult for kids with ADHD. The transition to sleep can take a long time and frustrate the entire family. These supplements will help calm your ADHD kiddo’s body and make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

KidsCalm Gummies

KidsCalm Gummies are just about the easiest supplement to give to kids. The active ingredient in Magnesium Citrate which can calm and also cause diarrhea, in some kids, if too much is taken. My kids have taken these for years without any problems and only calming side effect.

Start slow and build up, if you think this might be an issue for your kiddo. But these are one of the most popular brands for a reason – they work! Watch Whole Foods, as they regularly put this brand on sale !

Jarrow MagMind Magnesium

I can not sing the praises enough for MagMind by Jarrow for my oldest son with ADHD.  (He used to take one of these in the morning to help keep him calm enough until his ADHD meds kick in for school. It takes about 20 minutes to see the effects, so I made sure he got one on rising.)

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in our body, needed for over 300 metabolic reactions.  

 Now, as a teen, I now give him two MagMind capsules about 30 minutes before bedtime. I see a noticeable difference in his ability to settle and fall asleep much faster. The MagMind, combined with our weighted blanket makes our evenings so much easier – and he rises in a much better place!

I take MagMind myself, before bed, and it has an incredible effect on my ability to have a really good night’s sleep. Seems that most of the population is suffering from a deficiency of this very important mineral. This one is great for the whole family.

Magnesium L-Threonate is shown to be the form of magnesium that crosses the blood brain barrier the easiest, making it super effective for brain function. 

Magnesium Flakes

If your kiddo loves to take a bath, then soaking in a magnesium bath may be a great thing! These high-quality flakes dissolve easily in the bath so your body can absorb the calming mineral through the skin.

Pair read-aloud with a bath to make them stay in longer or get a few fabulous bath toys, like this one or this one.

Magnesium Lotion

When my kids were little and I had first learned the positive effect magnesium can have on their sleep, I rubbed magnesium on the bottoms of their feet. It was a nice part of our night time routine and helped them get better sleep. Try this lotion or this oil.

ADHD vitamins for Picky eaters

(This is an update as of September 2022) My oldest started refusing to take his vitamins last summer and to make a long story short, in therapy, we uncovered that he hates how the vitamins taste. (He took them for a few years without saying anything, but, you know, our kids do love to keep us on our toes!)

So, I searched for a yummy multi to pair with the Barlean’s Fish Oil (the only thing he continued to take this summer because it tastes SO GOOD). I opted for Garden of Life’s MyKind Organics by Alicia Silverstone. They are pretty clean and super delicious.(They do have organic cane sugar in them.)

There have been no arguments about vitamins since we started them, so I’d say it’s a WIN.

MyKind Organics has Kids’ Gummies, too.

proven adhd supplements

Iron Drops

An iron deficiency is super common in kids with ADHD – which is why I got my son tested at his last doc visit. And turns out, he is super low! Low iron can cause ADHD symptoms in kids – WOW.

We are taking these drops with a few ounces of OJ (Vitamin C helps with iron absorption) in the evening before bed (best on an empty-ish stomach) until we get another blood test. Please consult a doctor before taking Iron, as too much iron can be dangerous.

Where should I begin ? these are costly!! 

I would prioritize sleep, first. Consider a good magnesium supplement and focus on lots of exercise.

I’d also include a fish oil supplement, like the Barleans and a good probiotic, like JustThrive.

sun warrior protein powder

A Sneaky Boost of Nutrition and Protein!

My kids are getting pickier the older they get, especially in the protein department. Our nutritionist suggested using Sun Warrior Protein Powder to give them the protein boost they need.  

This turns just about anything into a protein packed meal. We add it to oatmeal, smoothies, baked goods, and energy balls to give my kids the sustained fuel they need. 

Best part, its not filled with fake stuff and chemicals or alcohol sugars. And – it tastes great!

Great Lakes Gelatin is another source of protein and because it’s tasteless, I can add it to anything! It’s so great for my carb loving kiddo who hates meat!   I add it to smoothies, oatmeal, soups, baked goods and OJ. 

It’s great for hair, skin and nails, so I add it to my coffee, too. 

Natural remedies have noticeable results, but not a miracle

These supplements are meant to be used as part of an overall nutrition plan and they are not miracle pills.  Both of my sons still have struggles with their emotions from time to time.  

BUT, I have seen a huge difference with these supplements. The calm times far outweigh the crazy ones. These supplements can be a great compliment to ADHD meds, too.

I am not a doctor, but I am a mother who has learned from experience and a lot of trial and error. Every ADHD kid is different in what works for them, but these supplements stand to benefit ANY kid. Their quality is outstanding.

adhd parenting

Other Ways to Parent ADHD Naturally

This ADHD parenting journey can be really difficult and I often find myself standing in front of one of my kids not knowing how to react to something they have just done or said. 

My whole outlook and approach to parenting has done a 180 degree turn over the years. Gone are the time outs and sticker charts. Empathy, understanding, and working together to solve problems are what’s in. 

Working collaboratively with my kids is what works the best for us. I have an entire post about it here.

this book, has probably saved my life. 

Not only has it turned my parenting ideas on their heads, it has given me the tools to work with my son to get underneath the behaviors and solve what it really going on. 

If you only read one parenting book, let it be THIS ONE.

Please let me know how these supplements work for you, if you give them a try!  

adhd natural supplements

More Natural Help for  ADHD?


Read about my favorite breakfasts for ADHD here.

Our ADHD Story is in two parts, HERE and HERE. See how much we have learned about treating ADHD without drugs. 

The One Night That Changed My ADHD Parenting, is quickly becoming my most read post on how to parent an ADHD child. 

supplements for attention and focus

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  1. What ages can take MagMind? My little guy is almost six and doesn’t yet swallow pills. Thanks!

    1. Hi Rebecca, my son started taking the pills around 8. Before that we used a magnesium oil that you can rub on the bottoms of feet. Works super well too. You can get it at Whole Foods and other health food stores. Hope that helps!

      1. Theresa Corbett says:

        Did you make your own magnesium oil? Or which did you buy? Thank you!

        1. HI Theresa,
          I purchased my magnesium oil from Fruitful Yield, a local health food store. I do not remember the brand, although I know there were only two choices. Whole Food would be a good place to try, too. Making your own sounds interesting, too. Thanks for your comment.

          1. Antônia Lima says:

            My son is4 years old he can take mega mind ?

          2. Hi Antonia, I would suggest starting with a magnesium oil. When my kids were little, I rubbed the oil on the bottom of their feet for easy absorption. You can try a good magnesium soak, too.

          3. Elizabeth Hackman says:

            My son is 11, the struggle is to be focused, to be here now! My husband and I have chosen to get our son to bed earlier, if we can, the struggle is real. We use: “PURE Zzzs” Melatonin+Chamomile & Lavender. Works wonderful!

          4. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing….I will have to check those out!

          5. Kyra Lyons says:

            Hello my son is 3 years old and very stubborn and picky eater… its seem like the only things he will he are things that have no benefit to his health and I have really tried .. he like pizza, spaghetti, cakes,cookies,oatmeal chicken noodle soup, and fried chicken not much else he wont even taste something if he thinks it’s not something he wants .. he has temper tantrums all the time and I try.to do arts and crafts with him but he throws a fit what combination do u suggest for him to be calmer,better , attention span and also getting vitamins that he’s missing … . In desperate

          6. Hi Kyra, So sorry you are going thru this, thanks for your note. Food has been our first line of defense and so I would try to find gluten free baked goods he will eat – my kids love the cowboy cookies I have on my blog and you can add things like mama powder and flax and chia seeds to get some good nutrition into him. It’s hard to say without me being there, but have you had him tested for allergies? Gotten bloodwork done? There may be something very easy to eliminate that is causing him so much pain and irritation. We spent a lot of time in nature and that helped immensely. I also totally simplified toys and art supplies to just a few things so as not to overwhelm my kids when they were little. Let me know if any of this helps and write back with more details, if you have time. Sending you hugs!!

      2. Jeanne Jeffers says:

        Thanks so much for this info. We are struggling, our grandson is 6 1/2 & is doing his 2nd year of kindergarten.
        He has adhd, extremely hyper, impulsive, emotional & stubborn.
        Currently, he is home from school due to the covid19. I am trying daily to keep him busy & working on the basics & making sure he gets lots of exercise. Gonoodle is great on amazon prime. (Dancing & yoga). I definitely want to try some of these supplements for him.
        Thanks so much, a struggling Nana.

        1. Jeanne, thanks for writing in. Your grandson is lucky to have you! Let me know if you have any specific questions.

          1. Sherry Isadore says:

            I have a 10 year old grandson who will swallow pills but has always refused liquids and chewable pills even as a toddler. For the chewable, gummies and liquids, are there any swallowable pills he could take instead

          2. I’d have him take the JustThrive Probiotic and the Nordic Naturals Fish Oil Pills…and then the Magmind at night. Aren’t you lucky he’ll take the pills – less fillers and sugar etc.

        2. Hi Beth, Tyson for putting your supplement journey out here for others to see. I’ve been on the same journey with my now 8 year old son with ADHD and he has the impulse control issues, hyperactive, refuses to eat most foods due tvisual appeal and it’s a metal battle to get him to try new foods, loves all sweets even though he rarely gets any, very stubborn and emotional. Needless to say, we are all drained and only have the one.
          Everything is a challenge, or was, before we started supplements with him. We started supplements when he was 5.5 years or so and found an incredible crunchy chocolate ball by GoodDay brand called “Calm”. It comes in child and adult strength and has been a lifesaver for us in lowering his rebelliousness and our stress levels. It has magnesium, L-Theanine, and Chamomile in it and helps him to level out and be more agreeable and less non-compliant.
          Second was a strong fish oil (large liquid capsule) to help him focus longer and that’s been good for him.
          Third, this year we added Ginko Biloba (small capsule) and it has been helpful in his school time. He’s retaining more and struggling less this year than the years before.
          His attention deficit seems less and he’s really doing better overall at home and school.
          To add to the fun we also found out that cows milk for him is a neurotoxin and was more or less scrambling his brains so to speak. They were going to test him for autism when he was 4 because so many teachers referred him for testing and we took him off cows milk 3 months before and when they tested him they said there was no signs of autism in him at all. If they had tested him before then, they would have diagnosed him for sure. He is currently on an unsweetened almond milk and is content with his milk over the other. The hardest part of that is school parties or friends birthdays when he can’t have cake and ice cream or milk chocolate treats or cheese crackers and pizza like all the other kids get to. It’s hard for him to not feel left out and separate from his peers who get all that whenever they want because they don’t react to it like someone hit a Tasmanian devil switch in his brain and he flipped out in front of them.
          I agree that their diets have so much to do with how they behave and react to the world they live in and are exposed to.
          My son before supplements could not manage being in public for anything that didn’t make me feel like I was dropping off a nightmare that traumatized the adults he encountered.
          My son after gets good reviews and is now making good grades and is way less stressful for us and others to manage with light redirection. It’s an amazing feeling to know we do all this without a doctors recommendation and no chemical cocktails from big pharma that would also be depleting their bodies of important nutrients and minerals they need to stay healthy.
          Bless you and your journey to give your boys their best life possible working with them where they are and not where we want them to be.
          All my best to you all, great Mama’s and Grandma’s out there.

          1. Allison!!!! Thanks so much for writing! It’s so great to hear about your journey with your son and all the positive moves he has made. BRAVO to you for trying the natural route and sticking with it! So great of you to share your journey with us so other’s can benefit. I’d love to interview you for the blog and get more deets, it you are willing, drop me an email [email protected] Thanks!!

          2. Hi Allison,

            I really found your comment very helpful. I have a toddler who is also very stubborn, very picky and very very active. Can you share the frequency and the order of how you give your son the supplements? Is it a certain one at a certain time of day. Do you do the calm and the gingko at the same time? How did you figure out what dose and what worked for your son? Was it trail and error?

      3. What does the weighted blanket help with with a child that has ADHD?

        1. HI Briana! I’ve got a post about it, but in short, the proprioceptive input that the weight gives you is extremely relaxing. It’s an individual thing, not ADHD specific, but can really help kids relax enough to fall asleep. It’s done wonders for my kids and a lot of families I know.

    2. I am a grown up, and still have trouble swallowing pills! One method I have had success with is to put the pill into a spoon of jam or pudding or yogurt…something slippery that doesn’t need chewing. The whole bite, with the pill inside, slides down nicely that way.

      1. Yes, Karen! This can help as well. The Jarrow Probiotics are yummy chewables–it’s just the MagMind that can be tricky. Thanks for your thoughts.

        1. I too follow strict guidelines in our house for food. It’s hard, we still hsve some sugar throughout the day, it’s hard to completely be free of it. My 9 year old, does well in school but looking to help with his inattentiveness and his concentrating levels. Would mag mind put him to sleep? I do probiotics and do omega 3 minis. 1,000 I believe of the Nordic brand. Any other suggestions.

          1. I really like the Barleans fish oil..it’s the only omega-3’s we’ve used. In terms of getting to go to sleep easier, my son also uses a weighted blanket by SensaCalm which is amazing!! We also have a bed time routine we stick to even on the weekends and vacations. Let me know if I answered your question! Thanks for asking.

          2. We use melaleuca brand omega 3 creme delight. They have lime and mango. They are delicious and my picky son loves it. It is like eating dessert.

          3. Thanks for the suggestion! I love to hear what is working for other families.

          4. Do you have any suggestions for a liquor magnesium? We are already taking so much, i think the size would be to much.

          5. I love a magnesium oil to rub on the bottoms of feet or back of necks…..Whole Foods and Don’t Waste the Crumbs have good ones.

        2. I too follow strict guidelines in our house for food. It’s hard, we still hsve some sugar throughout the day, it’s hard to completely be free of it. My 9 year old, does well in school but looking to help with his inattentiveness and his concentrating levels. Would mag mind put him to sleep? I do probiotics and do omega 3 minis. 1,000 I believe of the Nordic brand. Any other suggestions.

          1. I find that when I give my son MagMind about an hour before bed, it helps settle him down so falling asleep is easier. His weighted blanket helps with this, too…I have to write a post about that, too!

          2. Nikki Morgan says:

            I love this article. I wish I’d found it years ago when my oldest son now 19 had to go on meds in 1st grade. Then my youngest daughter ended up on them in kindergarten. My son weaned himself off in 6th grade. He didn’t have issues with his grades he just couldn’t be still or stay in his seat. My daughter had major hyperactivity and has struggled every year I’m school just to barely pass. If her twin brother hadn’t been her security blanket and she wouldn’t go to school without him I would have held her back a year. But her brother was more than ready to go. 2 years ago I had to take her out of public school because some girls were teasing her about her grades to the point she quit doing her work and was suicidal. Thankfully she told me what she had planned. This was at age 11! She’s now about to be 14 and much better. But she was adamant that I homeschool her. So I spent 3 months educating myself while ordering curricula then sending some back, reordering, sending more back and finally getting it right. But now she thinks she wants to go back and is ok if she scores in a lower grade level. Those girls will still be there and I’ve tried to talk her out of it. I truly believe I can teach her better than they can. I also have adhd and she’s a lot like I was. I didn’t struggle with grades because I was afraid of getting in trouble. But I was hyper. But I wish I’d known about these supplements and diet way back. I’m wondering because we are on a fixed income. My husband works 2 jobs and I’m disabled so we have to watch our money. I also still have 4 out of 5 kids at home. 2 of which are in college. I wish I could afford all of these supplements not only for her but for myself also. We are both on meds. Are there any maybe not as great of quality substitutes we could try that aren’t terrible for now? As my older kids graduate and are supporting themselves I will be able to afford more. I have one that has made an accountant & on her own. My 2nd just graduated from LPN school and starts RN school in August. Hopefully she will graduate in May 2023 then she will be able to work and pay for herself. My oldest son just finished his first year of junior college but still has 3 years left so he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The 2 in college do work weekends to help pay for their gas, going out, clothes, and wants. We still pay for everything else. We should be able to add in at least a few of the supplements you recommend sometime next year. But for now the budget just can’t handle them. Thank you for sharing your story and what has worked for your family!

          3. Wow, Nikki!! You are an awesome mom!!! Yes, these do get expensive…we are on a budget, as well, and basically never eat out and buying most of our things second hand, helps too. If sleep is an issue, I’d focus on the magnesium. Otherwise, I’d focus on the gut and get a good probiotic and really work on eating very little processed food. Food had such a big impact on us and now as my boys are teens, they seem to be reverting back to toddlers and refusing lots of foods. : ( Sounds like your kids are all growing into great adults! Do you have an IEP set up for your daughter when she goes back to school? It could be super helpful in accommodating her needs and she might not have to do as much work/homework and get lots of help. My oldest has one and he has an extra study hall period where he gets help with finishing homework, etc. Schools can be a great source of free help. Also, check your local library for free tutoring. Bravo to you for homeschooling!! I have thought about that so many times. Do let me know how things are going!! You are an inspiration to all of us!!

        3. Shiela Silvestre says:

          How can I buy this vitamins?I’m from Philippines..tnx

          1. HI Shiela, Do you have access to amazon? You can order many of the vitamins thru them.

      2. Lorraine Gillett says:

        My son is 16yrs old and is refusing to take his meds, its likexa war zone in my house, what natural remedies could he take, he is also very thin he forgets to eat.

        1. HI Lorraine, I am so sorry things are rough…I get it. Have you read Ross Greene’s Explosive Child? Even if your son is not explosive, the tips changed how I parent. You can read my two posts on explosive kids for a primer. Can your son explain why he won’t take his meds? My son took them for awhile in 5th grade with a bit of success, but then we were able to get him off. We tried again in High School because he could not focus on remote learning. He took them for a few days and then refused because he said they made him feel, “like I am going to die any second”. Unfortunately, meds often make things worse for kids. I’d start with a good fish oil, a good multi, a probiotic for the gut, and possibly zinc. The idea is to get him as healthy as possible. I know it’s hard with a teen who refuses. The JustThrive probiotics can be mixed in easily to OJ or oatmeal or a smoothie, if he’ll take it. Let me know how it goes — it will be trial and error at first, but read the book – I know it will help. It will get better!! Hugs to you, mama.

    3. Elisa Johnson says:

      I’m also wondering about this! My daughter is also 6

      1. HI Elisa, Do you mean dairy in the supplements or the breakfast foods? Not sure which post you are commenting on, thanks for reading.

    4. Ruth Lee McLain says:

      I just received my Kids Calm Multi, but my 3 boys hated the taste. Do you have any suggestions for ways to make it taste better. I hate to waste this whole bottle. I also got the MagMind and i’m excited to see how it helps my boys. Thanks for all your great info!

      1. HI Ruth!! So sorry! You are not alone…my boys took it for years with no complaints….until recently and we just switched to Kids Calm drink mix –my latest post. BUT, others have reported that mixing it in pineapple juice has worked very well. I used to have the fish oil ready so they could gulp that down immediately to help with the taste. You can also hide it in a smoothie or tomato juice. I hope to get back to it because while the drink mix is great…it does not have quite the amount of vitamins, etc.Let me know what works!

      2. Marcelle Armstrong says:

        Ruth where did you find the discontinued kids calm multi? It is our favorite supplement.

        1. Hi Marcelle, The KidsCalm Multi has been discontinued, but the KidsCalm drink mix is what we have switched to along with another multi. Check out heyfuzzymama on Instagram for our new selections.

        2. Hi. I was wondering if you think these will work on my teen? He was recently diagnosed . He has trouble w/ focus and sleeping. Emotions are all over the place and it wasn’t until recently during therapy they decided to test him. Well anyway, we are not big on pills in this family, but I wanted to see other options. Dr told me that hes too old and it’s better for him to just take meds. I would like to try something natural and hope it can help before meds are given. Any suggestions?

          1. Hi Michelle, Thanks for writing. I think there are many things you can try…doctors rarely suggest alternative remedies because they just don’t know about them. Whether you end up doing meds or not, it’s so helpful to look at lifestyle changes. I’d look into sleep – how much and if it’s restful sleep, a weighted blanket and magnesium supplements can help. Nutritional supplements – see my post, but Omega 3 and a good probiotic are essential, exercise! lots of exercise can have an incredible effect. Diet is important, too….low sugar high protein and avoiding artificial dyes(Feingold Diet) Start with one area first – let your intuition guide you as to what to tackle first. Please let me know how it goes…and send me an update email, Michelle.

  2. Where do you normally buy your supplements? I hesitate the quality from Amazon… do you really know what’s in them?

    1. You are right to question buying from Amazon–I get the Jarrow supplements directly from Jarrow who sells on Amazon-not from any other dealers. You can also buy from their website. The KidsCalm and the Barlean’s are sold at Whole Foods and locally in Chicago at Fruitful Yield. Make sure to check the KidsCalm to see that it has not all settled on the bottom. I store mine upside down in the fridge once it’s opened. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    2. Hi im having a problem with my 9 year old boy he struggles to read he doesn’t remember most of the things that i helped him with.he is not completing his school work

      1. Hi Rebecca. sorry to hear things are tough for you and your son right now. Do you have a 504 in place at his school? I’d start with his teachers and see what they have been doing to help. I guess I have a few questions, too. Does he struggle to remember everything he reads? Even things he is interested in? Can he read the words, and comprehend at the time and then just forget later? Thanks, just trying to get a better understanding of what he has trouble with.

    3. Erica Woods says:

      Hello! I am grateful I found this post on Pinterest??
      I have been so worried at the thought of giving my son meds when only 12 but I know that isn’t uncommon, it just worries me. I never took meds until I was about 30 because I was so nervous & also didn’t realize I needed it. I would love to try natural suggestions before resulting to medication. I know it is made to help them but every body is different & I worry about side effects.
      So! My son is 12. I worry about him so so much… he is so sweet. He is quite & shy over all, doesn’t really know how to talk to people. Anyway. He is incredibly emotional & have anger pent up inside so often, mainly because of his strong willed stubborn 9yr old sister. Lol.
      But anyway, so I worry because he has always been incredibly tiny skinny, though he eats okay. Everything is a mess, he can’t stay organized, school desk is always a disaster, he has a hard time focusing (constantly). Chores he has had every single day for years he still has such a hard time with.
      Ex: he is in charge of going outside to the hutch to feed & get water for our bunnies, give them ice bottles in the summer time, etc. …Every Single Day.. he will not do any of this until we remind him to. He is constantly so lazy about it all, with everything.. he doesn’t fill all the water bottles, so some bunnies go without water so I always have to go check. He is too lazy to grab the thawed bottles to rinse & put back in the freezer so they can have them for the next day. Every day. Every excuse you can think of. “Oh I forgot” is the main. Every day. Multiple times a day. It’s been Years…
      The last few years I have suspected ADD. He isn’t hyper active, but he marks off every other thing. I hate to just blame/ give excuses like, oh he has adhd/add he can’t help it… etc. no. Kids are naturally hyper & struggle. But… inside, I knew something HAD to be wrong. Not just the chores, but with homework & so much more.. anyway. I strongly believe he has severe ADD. I have gotten some vitamins & such to help but with having ADD/ADHD (recently this last couple years finally talked to a therapist, so it’s nice to know what the heck has been wrong with me all my life… Lol) but I have a hard time keeping up with making sure he takes daily vitamins & the health smoothies, etc. I’m not great at keeping up with that & he sure as heck won’t do it on his own.. so it’s a huge struggle. He is such an emotional wreck so often & can get so angry & sad. I feel awful.. anyway.. I plan to get some of the things you suggested when I am able to.. I am so hoping it’ll help. I try with the specialty foods because I know that makes such a difference but wow so much easier said than done… lol, but I’m trying.
      Anyway.. I am so sorry for the novel! Didn’t mean to. It’s just nice to share with someone who may understand & may be able to help with some in-site, ya know? Okay. Well thank you so much for sharing, I truly appreciate it & can’t wait to try some of these things out.

      1. Erica!! I so get you. My 13 year old is quite the same way with chores and it can be so frustrating. What has helped us is doing the chores together, so you can be close and reminding by just talking the steps out loud. And I have laminated lists of what has to get done to clean the bathroom and their bedrooms. It helps and I hope I am “training” him to learn the steps.
        Sounds like you are doing a great job and these things take time, which can be frustrating because you think if they have been doing something for years!! they should remember it. But ADHD kids are so motivated by their own desires and likes and my kids could care less if the kitchen table is wiped off or the litter box done.
        Let me know what works – sometimes it takes a little trial and error. I always have to remind myself, my kids are doing the best they can at any given point.

  3. My daughter has ADHD, she is 7. Over a year ago we started her on fish oil (Nature’s Answer, she needs 1000mg DHA per day), probiotics (usually NOW Berrydophilus), Magtein (Life extension) and B-complex vitamins. Her attention span has increased within 2 weeks of starting, she can work better, there are no complaints from the teacher. So we have a very similar protocol as you and have no intention on changing anything, we can really see the benefits. My son has a speech development delay, the same supplements caused a marked improvement a month after starting.

    1. Bravo to you, Marija! So glad to hear that you have found supplements that work for your kids – they are lucky to have you as a mom. Thanks for sharing other brand alternatives that are working for you.

      1. I do agree with the B-complex. My son is 12 yr. Old and I started it about 4 weeks ago and found amazing results. I have decrease hi meds intake as a result of cutting out sugar. I also read something about different foods having different affects on him, so as a result I am now teaching him to read labels and to make healthier choices. I was told with the fish oil that the DHA should be higher than the EPA so I give my son a brand call progressive as it’s DHA is very high.

        1. Hi Natalia,
          Great job!! What other foods have you noticed a reaction to? We are gluten free and corn free, and now cutting way back on dairy and sugar. We really limited sweets but now are taking it a notch further. What do you pack for lunches? My son is so self-conscious about taking weird or super healthy food to school. I’ve upped my vitamin B, too!

          1. Thank you, Beth 🙂

            The recommendation on DHA for us was 1000mg per day. The words used by the practitioner were: “this is more important for her than water!” Apparently DHA is a component of the myelin sheath and if there is not enough of DHA, the signals are shooting left and right. A very simplistic explanation (the explanation we received was medical, this is my simplistic version 🙂

    2. crystal hill says:

      What B cmplex vitamins?

      1. Hi Crystal! Kids Calm Multi has a good does of the B’s. We take this everyday – yes, I think they are pretty important.

      2. Toni Smith Thompson says:

        Hi Beth, This is great info! My daughter was chronically ill her inability to get well lead me to natural alternatives. Since then I’ve learned so much about gut health. I saw some comments of parents looking for alternatives to pills because of age.
        If you are open, I’d love to share what I found and what many have used for child and adult ADHD and more. With all the new science around gut health it’s very encouraging!! This protocol is so effective that many integrative practitioners, mental health practitioners and even pediatricians and others practicing western medicine are implementing for their patients.
        Please contact me as I would love to share! Toni Smith Thompson
        [email protected]

    3. Where can I get this oil ? Amazon ? My son is 5 years old

      1. HI, Yes, you can get the Fish Oil on Amazon or a local health food store. Whole foods usually has it, too. Let me know how you like it!

        1. How to can I give for my son ?

  4. What medication is your son on? I love all these ideas! Thank you

    1. Hi Katrina, My son is on Focalin…we tried about 6 different meds before we settled on Focalin. He had been taking 10 mg twice a day, but with the help of these supplements(and other measures) he now takes 5mg twice on school days and 5mg once a day on weekends and holidays. My hope is to eventually go off of it completely. It is so hard to have my son on meds, but right now it does manage his volatile emotions. Thanks for reading!!

      1. Stephanie says:

        Incredible article. My son has adh d and tics. We recently have to go on a med break as his side effects are pretty bad. We are also gluten free and low corn as corn makes his tics worse. Focalin was decent for him school wise but HORRIBLE for his tics.? Going to look into the supplements you mentioned. We are also just trailing cbd oil, no tch, for his tics and adhd, anxiety. Got his at the health food store. Currently trying to cut dairy but he loves milk..going to sway him with vanilla almond milk.?Thank for helpful info.

        1. Hi Stephanie, Thanks for your comments–sorry to hear about what you are going thru–you are a warrior mama! I have just started hearing abut some different kids of oils too–mct is one. I have to do some research, but its so great to know that I think the tides are turning and we will be hearing so much more about alternative treatments. Focalin helps my son at school, but I think worsens his anxiety and emotional stuff. I’m learning, too, that it’s not just ONE thing, but a bunch of things together that will help. Let me know how it goes and what else works for you guys.

          1. I am here with you about getting his anxiety and moods worst with focalin. Exactly whats hallening to mine at a point that I just stopped giving it to him.

          2. Hi Nancy, We stopped my son of all focalin this summer and his anger has really subsided. I hate that what I thought was going to help was actually causing things to get worse. We will start school in the fall 100% med free, so crossing my fingers!

        2. Stephanie, my son has ADHD and Autism. We were having trouble with tics as well on any stimulant medicine we tried. We put him on a dose of intuniv (guavicine) which is a non-stimulant and the tics stopped. They were due to the reaction of the ADHD medicine to his Autism. Thought it might help.

          Love this article, Beth – Thank you for writing it. We are just starting to try vitamins and reduce our medication.

          1. Thanks Jeni, it’s always great to hear what’s working for people. Let me know how the supplements go.

      2. when you say that he take the focalin twice on schools days. do you mean two pills m-f or just two pills a week? I ask because I have my son on focalin and I really want him off of it. how ever i need someone i can talk to about what foods and supplements are best I feel am at a lost. i have spoken to doctors and I have that under control. I took him off of meat and i am trying to take him off of breads but its hard. I feel like I need to pick your brain and cut a lot of the bullshit because if i type one thing online, I get hit this so much i dont know whats what. sorry that was a lot.

        1. Hi Lynda!! Oh I feel your pain! When I took my son off focalin he was doing 10mg in the morning and 10mg at noon. We cut in in half for awhile first. And then we even cut that in half to ease him off and see what the results would be. Teachers saw some hyper behaviors they had never seen before, but other than that, it was so much better!! At the same time we started supplements and magnesium and got him a weighted blanket for sleep. If you haven’t already, read a fe of my posts, like our ADHD story to get more details, my Instagram account – heyfuzzymama – shows our latest hunt for vitamins and what we are taking now – as well as our supplements blog post. Let me know if you have anymore questions!

  5. Thank you for this! Have an almost 6 yo and at his next med check will ask about these!! I echo the comment re: the emotions when my LO is not medicated. Holy emotions Batman!!

    1. Hi Amelia, Great to address this when your son is young..for us the emotions are a much bigger problem than hyperactivity or inattentiveness. A weighted blanket has also done WONDERS for him. Good Luck, let me know how it goes. Thanks for your comment – this journey can be so lonely at times.

      1. Hi Beth, crazy emotions over here too. Just wondering what a weighted blanket is and how it works. Thanks!

        1. A weighted blanket(some kids benefit from weighted vests) helps to calm kids by providing pressure and sensory input. It also helps to release serotonin in the brain. My son did a short stint with an OT and she suggested it. We use it at bedtime and he falls asleep so easily under it. We bought ours from SensaCalm-check the sale section and make sure to get the correct size. They are expensive, but by far has been worth every penny. My son as a baby LOVED to be swaddled super tight, so that was a good indicator that the pressure would be beneficial for him. Thanks for asking and let me know if you have any other questions!!

      2. Stephanie says:

        Yes the emotions are way worse than the adhd. Volatile and emotional and exhausting if Im truly honest. I spend a lot of time researching how to get him to a good place and in the process believe are family is healthier. Has forced me to look at food and all the junk.

        1. My journey is very much the same….I have begun to look at my son as a gift to our family in so many unexpected ways. I would never have researched this much and changed our entire life for the better if I was not always searching for a way to figure out his stuff and make things easier for him. But, it’s tough for sure. You’re doing great things, mama!!

  6. About two years ago, my doctor introduced me to inositol. Inotistol is technically part of the B-vitamins, but it is vital for energy process in the body including neurotransmittion. There are have several studies done on its effects in bipolar, panic disorders, and depression. It is newer to the scene of ADD, but I can tell you personally-in addition to what you suggest above-this supplement (I use the powder, which a slight sugary taste and can be mixed with anything) has allowed me to go completely off my ADD meds! Are there times where I need a boost, yes. During those times, I will use essential oils. I don’t know if you are interested in either path, but if you are be sure to do your own research.

    1. Wow…I will do some research…interesting. Thanks! Always looking for more information. Thanks for letting me know!!!

  7. Christina Roethlein says:

    My son is 9 and he takes Natural Vitality every morning. He also struggles with emotions as well as trouble sleeping. I’m interested in trying the Magmind at bedtime. I guess what I’m asking is that too much magnesium daily if he takes both?

    1. Christina Roethlein says:

      He takes The Natural Vitality,( which is the one you had in pic )has 240 mg of magnesium. He’s not on any other meds. He has recently been diagnosed and unfortunately my Dr really hasn’t been helpful. I’ve spent countless hours researching tips on parenting, meds, you name it. Since he takes the Natural Vitality Kids calm in the morning I was debating the magnesium before bed.

      1. HI Christine,
        I know what it’s like to not have a helpful doc. Mine did talk about the magnesium and okayed it with my son. Sorry, I always call it KidsCalm-didn’t recognize the name! it’s 240 to 420mg a day for tweens….Have you ever tried giving him the Kid’sCalm at night? I also bought a weighted blanket from SensaCalm for my son which REALLY helps him fall asleep. Let me know if I can answer anything else!

  8. HI Christine, Okay, the recommended amount for boys 10 and up about is 240 to 350mg a day, so he’s right on the edge. Sorry your doctor is not being helpful. Have you tried to take the KidsCalm at night? Our weighted blanket also helps at night a great deal. See above for more details. Hope that helps! Bravo to you for all the research you are doing….seems necessary as so many people in the medical community don’t have much to offer.

  9. I was wondering on the mag mind It days 3 capsules per serving, am I supposed to give my hold 3 capsules at one time every single day or is one in the morning and around noon good? Thank you

    1. Hi Jamie, It depends on a child’s age. My son is 11 now so we do 2 capsules at night because the Kid’s Calm also has magnesium. Hope that helps.The magnesium really relaxes, so I like to make sure we take some at night.

      1. Not really, so in your blog you give him one capsule when he wakes up and another when he gets home from school? So are you saying you also give him two capsules at night along with the calm?

        1. Jamie Sorry to confuse, I’ll add this to our update because I’m always tweaking when I give him these. Most days we do Kidscalm, YumYum dophilous, and Fish oil in the morning and then 2 MagMinds at night. I find the Magnesium helps him fall asleep much easier. Thanks for asking!!!

          1. Okay that clears it up! Thank you! I just purchased all of this yesterday so I was trying to get it almost exact as to your routine. Thank you again ?

  10. This is awesome!
    My son is 8 and he started taking Quilivant XR. He was doing good on it but the meds are on back order so his pediatrician switched him to Focalin. He recently started the new medication. I can’t say if it’s working for him but Your post is super helpful! I’ve tried to find natural supplements that help with ADHD but it’s been difficult finding something that works because these supplements get pricey! He’s currently taking a mega food called vayarin; it’s basically omega 3 at a more potent dose. (EXPENSIVE!) Can’t tell you if that’s working because they say it takes 3 months for you to notice a difference and he’s on month 2. I might try the one you suggested when those pills are done. I’m struggling with him right now. He’s having behavioral issues, forgetting things and inattentive. He has an auditory processing disorder as well which many symptoms are similar to adhd. Anyway, thank you for sharing I needed to read this!

    1. HI Brittany, so glad to hear you are trying some natural supplements. These waters are so hard to navigate. I have not heard of the supplement your son is taking, will check that out. It takes a lot of gentle, curious parenting which is not always easy when dealing with challenging behaviors. Let me know how it goes!

    2. Catherine says:

      Brittany, we are in the same boat. We have enough Quillivant XR to last thru Feb and are meeting with his drs next week. This blog post has been so helpful! Thank you, Beth!
      Curious- how do y’all monitor what they eat at school? I visited the school around lunch last week and found my son with Doritos powder all around his mouth bc a friend didn’t want his chips! I would have never known if I hadn’t just happened to have been there at lunch. Currently we do not have specific food restrictions and I know it will be a battle to even do half of the things you have mentioned re: food. Yikes! Help!

      1. HI Catherine, Thanks for your comment/question. Eating at school is REALLY tricky. When my kids went to a Montessori school they were not allowed to share and were easily monitored. Now at public middle school its a free for all! My son talks about how he shares his food with others, so I am sure he eats other people’s food. We do not have specific allergies, but we follow a gluten free, corn free and super low sugar diet. He likes nothing weird in his lunch, so I try to buy healthy foods that look like their crappy counterparts-packages of trail mix, sweet potato chips, larabars, etc. I also pack two servings of vegetables and say they can eat those after school if they want. Not putting pressure on them to eat it all has helped–they just bring those items home and eat them first after school. I think if I said they had to eat them, they’d just throw them away at school. I don’t go crazy thinking about it (because I could!) I just make sure that at home we eat super duper good stuff. Friends, please chime in–I want to get some other ideas, too!

    3. Brittany,
      Do you have an update on the vayarin? It’s been rec for my son, but so expensive, and not a lot of reviews of it! Would love to hear of your experience with it!

      1. Brittany Cabrera says:

        Hi Tracy, no luck!
        Trying to change his diet and stay consistent with natural remedies. He’s off all meds.

  11. Hi there- I am really enjoying reading everyone’s comments. Very informative. My son is 5 and we are having a great deal of trouble with him in school. He is having difficulty retaining information, sitting still in class and so on. We have been to the see a pediatrician who wanted to start him on medication at 4 years old. We have decided not to do meds at this time and try diet change and vitamins. I’m looking for any suggestions you can give for a younger boy. Thanks!

    1. Hi Brittny! Bravo to you for investigating other options. I always recommend looking at sleep(at least 10 hours a night), omitting gluten, corn and sugar(we don’t omit sugar but are SUPER low), getting lots of exercise and time in nature. Sorry if these are all obvious to you – they have been super important to us pretty much forever. Let me know what’s working.

  12. Hi, I loved you article. My son is 12, 13 next mo. Has ADHD along with several other diagnosis and a fish allergy. Do you have any ideas for a substitute for fish oil?

    1. Katie,
      Have you tried Algae oil? Algae is where fish get there nutrients – so probably very beneficial. Flaxseed oil is also good–just does not have everything that fish oil has. Let me know if you try the algae oil!

      1. So my son is 9 and a half and has always beenin his own world and more quiet and reserved, yet very creative and visual. I have been getting Nordic Natural omegas ultra teen 12-15,
        Because it is higher. They were out of it so I got the omega minis this time around however it’s just a little less. I also got the kids calm too. What is your logic on the different amounts of omegas to help with spaceyness and inattentiveness?

        1. Hi Mary Beth, Thanks for your comment. I see both of my sons in your description. What is interesting to note is that inattentiveness can be reworded to “selective attention”. My kids have great attention when they are doing a preferred activity- like reading or drawing-or the rare video game. I think it’s hard to pinpoint exactly the benefits of fish oil for ADHD-some research says there is no effect. What I notice in my own children is a general ability to focus a bit more, a higher frustration level, and just better all around mood. Transition times are a bit easier, etc. That said, we have never taken the fish oil in isolation of the other supplements. They are probably all working together. This article has some more details, too.
          What also helps us, too is regular exercise (mostly forced by me!) and very low screen time. Hope this helps….tell me more if I am not answering your question. Thanks- you are doing good, mama!

  13. Hi! I am wondering how the liquid supplements that you suggested taste? I have a super picky 6 year old and a 13 year old that is the same way. Normally neither child can tolerate any type of liquid medicine, so I was curious?

    1. Hi Jamie,
      The fish oil is way better than the KidsCalm. I have one picky eater and one not so picky. Both take the liquids without a problem. They do the KidsCalm first and then the fish oil. Do they do gummy vitamins? I have seen some kids fish oil supplements in that form.

  14. How do the supplements that you mentioned taste? Both of my kids also have spd and are terribly picky!

    1. Crystal, The KidsCalm is not as good as the fish oil. My kids take the fish oil last so they have a better taste in their mouth! Do your kids like gummy vitamins? There are some fish oil brands that make them in gummy form. Let me know if you try them!

  15. Jessica Fraily says:

    My soon to be 7 yr old has ADHD and I just bought the Magmind. I notice it says give 3 capsules. Did you give your child all 3 a day or just one at a time? Really appreciate your posting it has help save many mothers time and money

    1. Hi Jessica, Thanks for your question and so glad my sharing helps. We have tried everything under the sun and found somethings that really work. I believe 240 mg. is the max for kids 6 to 10 for magnesium. It depends on what other supplements you are giving and if they have magnesium or not. We do the KidsCalm in the am and then 2 MagMinds at night. I find that the night time dose is the most helpful at getting my son to calm and go to sleep–we take it about 45 mins to an hour before bedtime. Hope that helps!! Let me know how it goes.

  16. Have you ever tried essential oils?

    1. Hi Kris! Funny you should ask….I just heard a great podcast about them and am looking into them more. I have tried a diffuser in the past with mixed results…..I like it, my kids like it, but did not see such an effect. What have you tried?

  17. I need help! Most of the comments list the kids as being in the 7 to 10 year old range. I have a 14 year old that is 5′ 11″ and weighs 174 pounds. He is very active in sports. He takes Focalin XR 10 mg currently. He says it is ineffective after about 2nd hour at school. Any suggestions for vitamin supplements to help? The Focalin gives him headaches and he would chose healthy methods over medications any day.

    1. Hi Gale! Has your son tried magnesium? Because he is older, he’ll be able to take 3 of the MAGMIND capsules. Would he take one or two at lunch? SmartyPants has a TeenBoy version that looks interesting, too. Do you notice a difference in his behavior or demeanor when he exercises a lot? My son was in Cross Country in the fall and BOY! did that help with his focus and emotions. Fish Oil is good for any age…my husband with ADHD takes that with the boys in the morning. Let me know what you try!

  18. So I am curious about the MagMind…you only give 2? The bottle says 2 in am and 1 at night. Do you only give at night since you do the Kids Calm in the AM? Would that much MagMind in the AM cause sleepiness at school? Looking to start some supplements and don’t want to give too much of something.

    1. Hi Jackie,
      I do only give two of the MagMind because the KidsCalm already has some magnesium in it. I don’t think it would be enough to make anyone sleepy at school. It just has a nice calming effect–I really notice at night. Makes it much easier for my son to nod off.
      Thanks for your comment!

  19. Hi

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information! From one mom with children with special needs to another: Try to google integration of primary reflexes in relation to ADHD. Some osteopats can help and also there are exersices that can be done to integrate the reflexes and help our children.


    1. Hello Ditte,
      Have you had success with this? Our speech path at school told us all about primary reflexes and gave us some exercises to do. I never really tried them because I did not know which ones to do specifically. Have you heard of Brain Gym? Similar exercises? Thanks for your response, I’ll do a little googling.
      Warmly, Beth

  20. Sherrelle Germain says:


    How long would you say kids calm last? My son is 8 and has had difficulty in school since kindergarten. Up until now it hasn’t disturbed his learning but, his test grades have dropped drastically. I’ve ordered all of these supplements but, not sure what ratio to start. If school starts at 8am what time should I give the am supplements?

    Also can a 4 yr old take the magmind supplements?

    1. Hi Sherrelle,
      Thanks for your note. I would say to give the KidsCalm as close to school time as possible. I usually give it to my son on his way out the door. I don’t think of the supplements as lasting a certain amount of time, like meds do. I think with supplements its the daily consistency that matters. As far as testing, my younger son has accommodations at school for testing. That helps, too.
      Magmind is a bit too much magnesium for a 4 year old. We used magnesium oil when my boys were smaller. It is used topically on the bottoms of feet or the back of the neck. Let me know how you like the supplements.

      1. sherrelle says:

        I appreciate your response so much. We went to our physician’s office today and it was as I expected, ADHD 🙁 We are going to try these supplements before making a drastic jump to medications which his father is against. I am going to get an IEP done on him as well so we can cover all my bases.

        1. The ADHD diagnosis is so baffling. Both of my boys have ADHD and could not be more different. You will discover so many gifts that our kids have, too! Bravo for not starting out with meds. We are not even starting them with our youngest son. Let me know if I can help in any other way. Hugs to you and your family.

          1. Sherrelle Germain says:

            Do you have any suggestions for the Magmind pill? My 8 hr is not able to swallow those. He takes forever and I can’t explain to him an easy way to do it. Should I just go buy a powder? We both end up so frustrated and sometimes tears flow. I just want to give it all my best shot to get him on a stable path.

          2. Hi Sherrelle, Do you have the Magmind capsules? Can you open them up and mix in with a bit of OJ? Otherwise, magnesium oil rubbed on the bottoms of feet or the back of the neck works great. Take the Magmind yourself–it makes me sleep REALLY well. Hope that helps, Beth

  21. Just want to say thanks for posting this!! I have a 4 year old who hasn’t been diagnosed, but with everything I’ve read and researched I truly think it’s ADHD. He started taking the KidsCalm about 2 weeks ago in the morning before daycare and that along with no processed sugar and no screentime has made a big difference. Bedtime is also a huge issue for us so I will definitely be trying the magnesium on his feet along with a weighted blanket. Thanks again!!

    1. Bravo to you!!! I think that no/low sugar and minimal screen time have as great an effect as the supplements. My boys at 9 and 11 still have very minimal screen time which is VERY different than their peers, but I’m sticking to it. Thanks for reading!!

  22. My son has adhd also. I will be ordering all the supplements ASAP to try. Thank you for the info!!!
    **The only thing I have to add that I feel might be helpful to the possible cause of the emotional breakdowns list that is trying to eliminate anything with Yellow 5 dye in it. That seems to make my son hyperactive, moody, irritated and defiant so we try to stay away for that as much as we can. You’d be surprised how many foods have it in it. Just wanted to pass that along.

    1. Sherrelle Germain says:

      I started the supplements about 2 weeks now. How do I know if they are working? My son seems more tired than normal is all I can see.

      1. Hi Sherrelle, I can say that with my son it took some time…and I continued to see improvement the longer we took the supplements. We are also in therapy which helps immensely. I see the supplements as part of a whole plan for us–but for some people its all they need. I’d give it some time, but you may have to tweak the magnesium if he’s still tired. You could just do it at night to help sleep. Thanks for checking in.

        1. Sherrelle Germain says:

          I’m still trying to get an IEP done and get concrete information. The pediatrician didn’t do anything she just went off the papers we filled out.

  23. Such A great read!! My son is 11 years old and was diagnosed with ADHD about four years ago. He has been on a couple medications, and the side effects were not worth it. Between the weight-loss, the insomnia and the paranoia, I felt like I was a mother to a zombie. He has been off medication for about three months now. I am really interested in the suggestions above. What was the daily regimen. How many of the capsules of t A great read!! My son is 11 years old and was diagnosed with ADHD about four years ago. He has been on a couple medications, and the side effects were not worth it. Between the weight-loss, the insomnia and paranoia, I felt like I was a mother to a zombie. He has been off medication for about three months now. I am really interested in the suggestions above. What was the daily regimen? I ordered the MagMind. And i am interested in the Kids Calm Multi. Were you worried that it was ever too much magnesium? Also, did you put the fish oil in a juice? Was the probiotic given everyday in the am? I new to all this. Thank you for this post!!! It gives me so much hope!!!

    1. Hi Ashley, We do 2 MagMinds at night. We are still close to the daily amount for magnesium and my son tolerates it well. These effect everyone differently so you may have to tweak things a bit from our regime. We do 2TBSP of Kids Calm in the am with Fish oil and 2 of the probiotic chewable tabs. The Kids Calm has some fish oil in it, too, but my kids tolerate the Barleans well. Let me know how it goes!

  24. Hello! I have a 9 (she’ll be 10 later this month) year old and an 8 year old: how much MagMind should I give them? Their daily multi-vitamin doesn’t list magnesium and the only other supplement they take is Barleans Fish Oil Swirl. My 9-almost-10 year takes an Rx for ADHD in the mornings and my 8 year old doesn’t have any Rx right now. Would it be 2 capsules of MagMind in the AM for the older girl, with 1 at night for her, and then 1 in the morning and 1 at night for the younger daughter? Thanks for your tips!

    1. Hi Cindy, Thanks for your question. 240mg (350mg max)is the recommended dose of magnesium for a 10 year old. So if you are doing the MagMind exclusively for magnesium, then 3 per day is great. You want to account for kids getting some magnesium from food, too. If sleep is an issue save 2 until a 1/2 hour or so before bedtime.
      Try 2 for your younger child and see if that helps…you could probably do three for her as well, if you don’t see results.
      We also did a blood test to see about mineral deficiencies – and my son tested low for iron and zinc – two markers for ADHD. So we are giving him additional iron and zinc for awhile. His magnesium was fine, I am sure due to all that we take, but you want to make sure that you don’t go over board on supplements, either.
      Start on the lower end and you can always modify! Let me know how it goes!

  25. Hi, thank you for sharing this information. I am excited to get started. My kids tried the Kids calm Multi last night and all hated the taste! Any tips? They could smell and taste it even after I mixed with Apple juice and water. Thank you!

    1. HI Nichole, Oh no! My kids do not love the taste but they tolerate it. They take the Kids Calm first and then quickly take the fish oil or the probiotics which both taste yummy to them. Would they try the old trick of plugging their noses? If it’s that bad, you don’t want to make your life miserable by forcing them. They might get used to the taste, too? We usually mix gross stuff with really pulpy OJ. The texture kind of masks icky tastes.
      If anyone has a suggestion please comment – Nichole, I am sure your kids are not the only ones.

  26. Hi Bev,
    I came across your blog about 2 mths ago. Thank you. My 10 yr old son is diagnosed with ADD and impulsivity. Not on any meds, although they were recommended (trying to avoid this)but having behavioral challenges at school and opposition issues. Got him on your regimen a month ago. Started seeing some improvement in week 2. Week 3 was heaven, but then he began complaining of stomach pain after taking MagMind in pm and threw up. We switched to one MagMind am and one pm instead of Kidscalm. Now the improvement seems to be wearing off. My pediatrician is convinced magnesium works solely on placebo effect. I was so hopeful, now getting discouraged. Any advice? After reading book Finally Focused, wondering if maybe in need of zinc?
    BTW Thank you so much for all your work. It’s so nice to know I’m not alone.
    Also, we found that combining Kidscalm with mango juice masked the bad flavor quite well.

    1. Hi Carolyn,
      So promising to hear you got some results, but sorry about the tummy issue. Can you link it to anything else? Dairy? His stomach was not empty, right? Zinc has been shown to be deficient in ADHD kids. If you can get a blood test. My son just showed up really low in iron, so we are doing a little iron boost to see if it goes back up. You might already be vigilant about food, but I notice a BIG change in both of my kids around sugar and even gluten free bread(which is basically processed carbs)
      What I know to be true for us is that vitamins are one piece of the puzzle. We watch our food, go to therapy, get lots of exercise…when one of these gets out of balance, I notice and have to tweak to get things back. It’s a bit of a never ending checks and balances system.
      Thanks for the mango juice advice–KidsCalm can be icky tasting for kids.

  27. My son is 11 diagnosed with ADHD and Autism as well as Anxiety and Impulsiveness. It’s been a rollercoaster ride since he was 4 and has been medicated on his recent regimen since 6. I’ve been worrying about long term effects lately and not sure where to start. I’m afraid of taking him off his meds which include Folcalin, Methylphinadate, Lexapro and Resperidone. (yes I know.. it’s quite alot) any tips on where I should begin. His pediatricians haven’t really been helpful and ask me to rely on his psychiatrist opinion which is all the meds.

    1. Hi Tanya, Sorry your doctor isn’t more helpful, seems to be the norm, sadly. I’d have a conversation with your psychiatrist about where to try cutting back a bit. It can’t hurt to start some supplements while you are weighing your options with meds. Food is also HUGE with us…we are gluten free, corn free, dye free, super low sugar, and starting to go dairy free. I really notice a difference with that too. The difficulty with ADHD and other diagnosis, is that there is not just one solution, but a bunch of things that come together to make things better. I worry about long term side effects too and feel like my kid is a guinea pig. Will summer bring some relief with no school? I know my son’s anxiety really improves.Thanks for your comment, let me know what happens.

      1. Summer seems to help with anxiety level, he dislikes leaving the house so it’s a win, but I will be trying out supplements and diet, which I think will be difficult, he’s been eating everything in plain sight other than meat, he doesn’t like meat. Thank you for your suggestions!

        1. Hi Tanya, Glad you and he will get some relief over the summer. If you have not read the work of Ross Greene, take a look at it – it’s helped me learn to parent my child in a totally different way than I was parented!
          Take care, you got this!

  28. This is just the information I needed. I have been searching what supplements for my 9 yr daughter. She has ADHD with an extra dose of Impulsive. A long journey has proven that she cannot eat gluten or any petroleum based products such as artificial colors and flavorings, TBHQ, BHA, and BHT. Still need to reduce the sugar. Thank you for your list of supplements.

    1. Hi Laura, YES! Same with us….I try really hard to stay away from those things, too. It’s incredible to think complete junk most kids eat. Good Job, mama!

  29. Along with ADD, my grandson suffers from anxiety and depression. He has had emotional outbursts as well. He also still wets his bed every nite. He’s 10 and will be 11 in Oct. Has anyone found bedwetting issues with ADD? Focalin seems to have helped the ADD some but I’d like my daughter to start working with the natural supplements along with the Focalin. Thank you for the info.

    1. Hi Deb. Thanks for your comment. Yes to the bedwetting! My younger son(9) still struggles with it from time to time. I have heard it’s more common than you think – no one talks about it! I am taking a class online about integrating reflexes. Too early to talk about it, as I have just started, but it’s worth a look on the net. I will definitely share my findings in a few months once I get a bit more into the class. Look at http://www.moveplaythrive with Sonia Story.

  30. Do you avoid corn and all its derivatives? I notice the supplements contain some corn sources. I have a son that’s allergic to corn, so I was trying to see if my daughter (the one with adhd) is possibly reacting to corn as well.

    1. HI Ashley, You are so smart to be thinking about corn! My kids are basically corn free, but there are some things that are so hard to avoid, like the small amounts of sweeteners. Neither of my kids have any food allergies, but I am pretty vigilant about processed foods, corn and gluten. But some stuff does sneak in. : (If your daughter takes capsules, there are some good fish oil brands and I have not checked the label on Nordic Naturals – they might be totally corn free. Thanks for your comment, I’d love to hear how you navigate your son’s corn allergy – I bet you have some great tips and resources. If you have time, can you share them on my Fuzzymama Facebook page?

  31. Hi Beth,
    Thank you for your post! I am wondering if you know any adults who have used these supplements for their ADHD? I am 20 and in college, I’m trying to lessen the meds I’m taking and wondering if these might work for me?

    1. Hi Rose, I am sure they will work! Give them a try – you have nothing to loose. I find that also cutting back on sugar dramatically helps my boys. Diet is so important, too. Let me know how it goes!

  32. Hi, great article, thank you! I also am trying to change my sons diet, it is so hard he is a very picky eater. I bought the Calm, do you mix it with something? Everything I try he knows something is in it, also is the fish oil a liquid they drink? I bought him magnesium chewables and he doesn’t like those either, I am so fustrated, I want him to take these things but am having trouble getting him too:( Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Erin, Thanks for your note. A few ideas: My kids don’t love the KidsCalm taste, but we take it right before the Barleans Fish Oil, which is YUMMY. For magnesium, try an Epsom salt bath at night or the magnesium oil that you rub on their feet or back of neck at night(or anytime!). People have said that mixing the Calm in Pineapple juice works because it’s so sweet. Try a bit of it in a smoothie, or try to have him take just a teaspoon and work his way up? Will he eat salmon? That’s really the BEST way to get the fish oil, but my kids HATE fish. Rainbow Light and SmartyPants are some decent vitamin brands that have gummy vitamins you might try, too. Let me know what works for you! Keep up the great work, mama!

  33. Hi! My son is 8, and about 70 pounds. I was think My of trying your plan… I saw your son was 7… the one I was concerned about was MagMind…you give your son 2 per day? Am/pm?

    1. HI Kim, thanks for your note. The KidsCalm has magnesium in it too, so I usually do the magmind at night, KidsCalm in the am. If you are worried about it being too much magnesium, try one or none at night and see how they tolerate the KidsCalm. We started with magnesium oil at bedtime on their feet for awhile before they could swallow a pill. My boys just turned 10 and 12! so we have tweaked it over the years, but still do this regime nearly every day!Also Epsom Salt baths give them some magnesium, so you can try this at night instead of MagMind. Let me know how it goes!

  34. Reyna Lissette Mena says:

    Thank you so much for all the information you share. I can’t wait to try these supplements on my 11-year-old son with ADHD.

    I just bought a supplement of probiotics and MagMind thanks to your recommendation, what dose and at what time do you suggest I give him Magmind? He are currently taking only one carnitine supplement.

    Greetings from El Salvador

    1. Hi Reyna! I have varied the time my kids take their MagMind. At the moment we are taking KidsCalm in the am and MagMind at night(2 capsules, my son is 12). My son seems to be adjusting to school nicely, so he does not need anymore calming in the am. Rather, he needs it at night to settle him for sleep. I’d start with one tablet and see if you see anything and then move to 2. Let me know how it goes!

  35. Pritha Chutrugon says:

    Hi. I am in South Africa. I have a 12yr son who is ADHD. He’s been on Ritalin since middle of gr4. Then recently a found Focus Formula and Bright Spark by Feelgood Health. They are completely herbal / homeopathic. Feelgood Health ships internationally as well. This has really been helping him. Along with that his is a good salmon fish oil supplement and MemorX syrup, he is also gluten free and almost junk free… Lol. And in combination with all of this I do reflexology treatment on his feet. Being on the natural path so has been really good.

    1. Hi Pritha! Way to Go!! I will have to look into those supplements, thanks for more suggestions. I love to hear what is working for people. The reflexology sounds great and what a nice bonding time for you guys, too.

  36. Would you recommend all the same supplements or make ay changes if the child had ADD not ADHD?

    1. Hi Melanie, Both of my boys have ADHD, although one has very little “H”. The only difference is that he does not take the MagMind at night. He has no problem falling asleep and staying asleep. Magnesium is a mellower for us, but also very important, so my youngest just gets the Mag in the Kids Calm. Thanks for asking!!

  37. Jeanette Sawyer says:

    This was a great post! We use Smarty Pants vitamins with omegas rather than the vitamin you mentioned, because it also has other things (vitamin D3, methylfolate, a couple of the B viamins, omega 3’s, and a couple of other things research has mentioned), along with Barleans, a calcium, magnesium, zinc blend tablet, along with avoiding milk casein, since it makes my son extremely nasty, processed foods, red dye, HFCS, caffeine, and excess sugar. We just started him back on an extremely low dose of medication after walking away from him being completely drugged up 2 years ago. Now we have a doctor who supports the combination. I will be checking out the Jarrows this week now that I have some parent feedback on it.
    We don’t have cable, the only video games he has are “sandbox” games, or otherwise mind engaging, and they’re reserved for weekends only. During the week, he reads, does school computer work, it has activities. Now if we could just get his school to follow the IEP that was THEIR suggestion and a lot of their input, things would be pretty ideal, because he’s amazingly well behaved at home!

    1. You are doing such a great job!! I’d like to stop Dairy, too….if you don’t mind me asking, what do you notice when your kiddo has dairy? That’s one thing we have not given up completely…we do have yogurt and free pizza occasionally. Thanks for reading!!!

  38. Hi, Beth, I am getting ready to guest post this post after TNY. Do you have the image of all the 4 products? I took a screen shot of it in your side bar, but need a full size. Could you send it to [email protected] if you have it? I will use it not for the top image, but in the middle…I think. Still working on how it will be in my head. 🙂 Thanks, Jacqueline

  39. This has been so helpful! I have a 11 year old son. I have been researching a lot and came across your site! We ordered everything you suggested. He stared the kids calm and we all saw some immediate changes. He was so sweet and polite and seemed a lot happier. I didn’t want to get my hopes up to much but it’s been 4 days and we are continuing to see these changes! I am amazed. I just received the Megmind and fish oil. My question is when should I give him the megmind? I have been doing kids calm 2x a day. Morning and bedtime. Should I do Megmind before school and kids calm at bedtime? Thanks for all your information. It’s been a huge help!

    1. Hi Alana! Great news!! I am so glad the KidsCalm is helpful for your son. My advice is to take the Magmind at a different time than the KidsCalm. We do KidsCalm in the am and Magmind in the PM(about 45 mins before bed.) Since the KidsCalm contains magnesium, you don’t want to give the two at the same time. I’d start with one magmind at a time. Let me know how it goes! Thanks for reading.

  40. Going to start with the MagMind and Kids Calm Multi. I was wondering if in the beginning with any of the magnesium supplements, if there were any adverse tummy issues. I have read that they can cause stomach cramps, diarrhea, etc. Also, on the MagMind the serving size says 3 capsules. How many do you give? My son is 7.5

    1. Hi Meg! We started with Magnesium Oil when my kids were 4 and 6…then moved to kids calm and then magmind when they could swallow the pill, so they had gradually increased their magnesium intake. I say slower is better – start with kids calm in am and one MagMind at night and see. Of course, I am not a doctor and can only rec. what worked for us. You may even want to just start with the Kids calm and see how that does alone. My oldest, who is 13 takes the kids calm in the am and 2 to 3 MagMind at night and has no side effects. Let me know what works, it’d be great to share with others.

      1. Hi Beth
        I was wondering my son is 8 and I just wanted to know if there is a routine to this supplements, for example what should be taken in the morning , what at night?? How should I begin? Sorry, I’m new at this, any suggestions?

        1. Hi Carolina! Thanks for your note…this stuff can be really overwhelming. We have changed how we take things over the years, but when we began, my kids took the KidsCalm and the fish oil in the am. Then at night we did the magmind(about 45 mins before bed)…I started with one and then went to two pretty quickly. Always start with a small amount and see how it goes….everyone reacts differently. Too much magnesium can cause diarrhea, so watch for that. The kids calm has enough magnesium to start the day calmly and at night the magnesium helps go to sleep(we seriously notice when we forget this now!)I’ve also done the magmind in the am and then the kids calm at night……mix it with pineapple juice if your son doesn’t like the taste. Let me know how it goes!

  41. Hi I have a 15 year old son that we just diagnosed with ADHD. We have been struggling for years with it. I was very wary of putting him on medicine. He recently started taking 10mg of Adderall and 2 mg of guafancine. He doesn’t take on weekends and will come off when summer starts. I plan to go 100% all natural at the beginning of the school year. I am going to order all of your suggestions in this article but am worried that taking them together will give him too much of specific vitamins. For example the multivitamin has omega 3, D, and Magnesium. Then there is both omega 3 and D in the fish oil and obviously Magnesium in the mag pill. Reading about how much a teenage boy should have I am seeing it will be almost double the recommended intake.
    Do you give all of these to your kids daily? Have you had any issues.
    Also CBD with no THC was helpful for my son. I read quite a few articles that specific strains of canabidoil with equal parts THC to CBD actually creates enough dopamine to work similar to ADHD meds without all of the side affects. Of course this is a no go in our state because he is a minor. It would however be interesting to see whether more studies of this are done in the future.

    1. Hi Cherie, Thanks for your note…sorry that things are tough for you. We currently take the KidsCalm Drink(see in a more recent post), the probiotics and the fish oil in the morning and the magmind about an hour before bed. There definitely are conflicting reports of how much mag per day is okay. This amount has been fine for my nearly 11 and 13 year old. Watch for diarrhea as a side effect of too much. Start low and increase if needed is my advice-check with your doctor, too(although I’ve found most docs do not think any natural products work.) We just ordered some CDB and have only tried a few times, so still seeing if it works. I have taken it a few times and it works for me!! We are getting a stool test this summer to see if there are any issues in the gut, too. 95% of our dopamine and serotonin are created in the gut – so we’ll see. Let me know how your summer goes and what you decide to try.

  42. Hello – I’m confused about your use of MagMind plus Kids Calm.

    Are they getting too much magnesium?
    You mentioned taking MagMind yourself before bed, but you give your kids the Kids Calm before bed… won’t MagMind make the child sleepy in the am if it’s making you sleepy?

    Thank you for clarifying!!

    1. Hi Aubrey! Sorry for the confusion. The MagMind relaxes and calms – and certainly helps the transition to sleep. But not enough to knock you out in the day. My kids use the KidsCalm drink mix in the morning before school – it has lots of vitamins plus magnesium. My oldest also takes MagMind (two) at night about an hour before bed. I also take MagMind an hour before bed and it just helps me sleep a little more soundly, I’ve noticed.Hope that clarifies! Thanks for reaching out.

      1. Thank you for the quick reply!! I rushed out to out health food store to find The KidsCalm but both they and amazon are out of stock (back to school season, eh?) . The nutritionist gave me Terry Naturally’s CalmKids. Looks similar to KidsCalm but has added L-Taurine among other things. Have you reviewed that product? And they also said that GABA is really helpful which the KidsCalm doesn’t have. Any thoughts there? Thank you so much!!

        1. Hi Aubrey! Yes, our local health food store can’t keep the KidsCalm on the shelf!! Have not heard of Terry’s, but let me know how it goes. I haven’t tried the L-theanine, but heard good things about it. We may try it this year. We are dabbling with some CBD oil, but have not had the need for it during summer, really. If we start using it more frequently, I’ll post about that. Let me know how those products go!

          1. Thank you for your honest reviews, Beth! Hard to find such a good resource these days 🙂

  43. BAD NEWS… Pretty sure Kids Calm is being discontinued!!! I just ran out and got the last 2 bottles within 15 miles of my house. Some places aren’t even selling them online anymore, and I don’t trust Amazon for vitamins. Be sure to check expiration date before buying. I found something else close to it, but more for adults, no fish oil or Amino acids. Since my son is 13 and 110 lbs I am going to try it soon… something from Trace Minerals. Best of luck!

    1. Oh no!!! I was just at our health food store buying the Kids Calm drink mix and saw the other on the shelf….I need to go get some before it’s gone! Thanks for the heads up, Mary!!

  44. Looking forward to your review of the product from Trace Minerals. Please let us know the name if you can!

    1. Liquid Multivitamin & Mineral – Orange Mango (30 Fluid Ounces) by Trace Minerals. Again, it’s close, but stronger for kids and no fish oil or amino acids (I think). I already give Nordic Naturals Omega-3, so am not so worried about that, but all those amino acids ( (L-PROLINE,L-GLUTAMIC ACID,L-ALANINE,L-ARGININE,L-ASPARTIC ACID,L-GLUTAMINE,L-LYSINE,L-SERINE,L-LEUCINE,L-VALINE,L-THREONINE,L-PHENYLALANINE,L-TYROSINE,L-METHIONINE,L-ISOLEUCINE,L-HISTIDINE,L-CYSTINE) I think may be a problem.

      And for the record, I have an email out to Natural Vitality re: the discontinuation so I will let you know as soon as I hear.

      1. Thanks!! Let me know what you hear. I’m going to ask at our local health food store to see what they rec. Will let you know what I find out.

  45. Hi Beth – I’m looking at the label on the Liquid Multi Vitamin (Trace Minerals) and it does indeed look loaded with items that I’ve heard specifically about for help with ADHD – specifically the Magnesium, Zinc, and B Vitamins. I was also excited to see it has Inositol (a friend of mind told me about the Nemechek Protocol, which put Inositol on my radar, though I haven’t tried it). My question for you – have you cut the dosage for your kids since it’s an adult multi? My son is 66 lbs and 9 yrs old. The dosage of Magnesium (300 mg) looks correct for his size/weight, but I’m not sure of the other ingredients. Would appreciate your feedback on this! Thank you for being such a great resource.

    1. Now you see why this new multivitamin caught my attention, it’s very close, but it’s more of an adult dosage, with no fish oil or amino acids.

      Also, does anyone have actual experience with giving their ADHD child something with Inositol? I’ve heard both good (that it helps) and to STAY AWAY from it, that early studies suggest inositol might not help improve ADHD symptoms.

      1. Hi…haven’t tried Inositol at all. Going to our local health food store tomorrow after work….this is all happening during my first week back at work. Ahhhhhh!!! Checking to see what they rec. and to see if they have any KidsCalm left!! : )

    2. Aubrey, I haven’t tried it yet, only that it’s on my radar for when I run out of the Kids Calm that I already stocked up on… so maybe Christmas time I will start it.

    3. Hi Aubrey…The Trace Minerals does look good….my son is nearly 100 pounds at 13 and probably takes 250 to 300 mg a day of magnesium. I know too much magnesium can be harmful, but if he is having no side effects, its probably fine. Check with your doctor, too – if they even entertain talking about that kind of stuff! : )

  46. IT’S OFFICIAL – I just got the following from Natural Vitality…

    Hi Mary, Thank you for reaching out to us. Our Calm Kids Multivitamin has been discontinued and we are no longer manufacturing them.

    UGH!!!! Get out there and get it while you can.

  47. Hello!! I have read this great post and saw your update about the multi vitamin. I’m curious if you have found another great multi. I am in need of a new one.

    1. Hi Jodi!! We are now taking Blue Bonnet Rainforest Animalz multi….so far so good! I also bought a bottle of their zinc chewable. I will update the post with more as soon as some more time passes. Also check the comments for some other suggestions from awesome readers and follow me on Instagram for other suggestions….heyfuzzymama is my name there. Thanks!!

  48. Hello! So glad to have found your site. Thanks for the information. I have 2 teenagers with inattentiveness more so than hyperactivity am hoping for some help with focus and recall. They are taking omega 3 and I was interested to learn about magmind. Just wondering if giving magmind in the morning would cause sleepiness or if I should only give at night.

    1. HI! Glad you found us! My kids take the magmind at night and the KidsCalm drink in the am – most days. I think you just have to experiment and see what works for your kids. The KidsCalm Focus drink has vitamin B and other things in it to help with focus, too. But sometimes my kids drink the KidsCalm at night because they love it so much. I used to have my son take one MagMind in the morning and he was fine – not sleepy at all. If sleep is an issue, I’d take the MagMind at night (and your kids are old enough to take 2) because it helps soo much with staying asleep. Let me know how it works out!

  49. Getting ready to purchase the bluebonnet multi and the calm kids drink. My son is 10 can I give both the multi and the calm kids drink in the morning or is there too much overlap that you have seen?

    I will also be restarting the fish oil and probiotics. I want to make sure I am not giving him too much. What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Janice! The multi and Kidcalm drink mix overlap a bit their vitamins. We take the fish oil, multi and probiotic in the am and take the drink mix after school usually and the magmind at night. This summer the Kids Calm Multi served as our multi vitamin — it’s a bit more economical but does not contain as much magnesium as other magnesium supplements. Hope that helps.

  50. Mary Ruth Organics is hands down the best multivitamin! Liquid so it’s absorbability is way better than pill form plus all there supplements are sugar free and free of harmful additives. Like on days we don’t take it here I know 100% of the time we have skipped a day! Such amazing products!

    1. HI Kierra!! I just recently found them, too! I have not purchased anything yet as we are using up our stash of what we have, but I will definitely check them out!! Thanks for your endorsement of them.

  51. I have been using magnesium and a multi vitamin. I recently purchased CALM drink mix and use on days we don’t take the multi and magnesium. I also purchased Barlean’s fish oil. It doesn’t appear to overlap with anything , but curious if you’ve seen an overlap. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Natalie! What do you mean by overlap? Positive or negative effects? My kids now usually take their multi vitamin, Barlean’s and probiotic in the am and drink Calm after school or before bed. If they drink it before bed, I usually hold off on the MagMind at night. I have never seen any negative effects of overlap or taking too much of anything. But let me know if I misunderstood you, thanks!!

      1. Stacey Smith says:

        Hey what do u think about the smarty pants multi vitamin with omega 3’s?

        1. HI Stacey, I have not used them myself or for my kids, but I have heard good things about them. Let me know how you like them,if you try them.

  52. Miriam N. says:

    You should try trim Healthy Mama it’s pretty much what you’re already doing you should look it up they have it for kids as well in the book it talks about kids as well it’s a family thing

  53. Hi! I enjoyed your post and hope to switch my son to natural from his medication. Do you give your boys everything at once in the morning or space it out throughout the day?

    1. HI Jessica! Thanks for your question! It has varied over the years how and when I give the supplements. I do space them out over the day, though. Currently, my kids have the multi and fish oil in the morning and magMind at night. Probiotics are either time – usually when I remember to remind them. We also take KidsCalm in lieu of the multi often…..I have promoted this lately because it gets them some magnesium in the morning which seems to calm then for our Shelter in Place schooling. I’d start with the KidsCalm if you want to just try one thing…my kids love it and I notice a difference in their calmness!

      1. Hi! Could you maybe add like a master list of how the vitamins went and changed? Kind of a schedule I guess. Like ages 4-6 x,y,z,in the morning and xyz at night. 6-10 xyz morning, xyz at night. I hope that makes sense. Just wanted to get an over all view.

        1. Hi Jessica…..sure! I can do kind of a summary for you. But it does really depend on your kids, too. It really was a trial and error for us and we still tweak it, depending on budget, kids’ moods etc. : ) I’ll put something up in the next week or so.
          Thanks for the suggestion.

    2. Lucinda Jordan says:

      My son is 10 and in fifth grade. He was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia half way through their grade. He is about to start the third medication for the ADHD. I really do not want him on it because of the side effects. Everyone he had some type of side effect. This year his attending an online school and I am his learning coach and I’ve noticed that even on the medication he still loses focus in very fidgety. I would much rather him take something natural but I truly do not know where to start. I saw the thrive on Facebook and researching lead me to this article”our best proven natural ADHD remedies”. Can you please guide me into which one to start him with for the ADHD. Thank you.

      1. Hi Lucinda! Sorry you are going thru this. I know exactly how you feel! I’d start with a blood test at the pediatricians to just rule out any deficiencies. Every kid is different, but we found a lot of success with changing our diet. I think thats a great start for anyone. Sleep is a big deal, too. If there is anything I’ve learned, it’s not just one thing, but small things that add up to a big change. In terms of supplements, we had great luck with magnesium, zinc and probiotics and a good multi. We’ve changed things over the years, but still stick with these on a regular basis. Keep me up to date on what you decide to do.

  54. hello,
    how much magnesium should I give to a 4 years old?
    Thank yoi

    1. Hi Kija, I would use a bit of magnesium lotion for someone so young. You can purchase it at a health food store and rub a bit on the back of their neck or the bottoms of their feet at night. I don’t think there is a recommended amount for someone so young. Also, look for foods high in magnesium, like almonds and spinach. Hope that helps!

  55. Hi! I’ve just purchased several of the items you have recommended! We are looking to address our 9 year old sons recent diagnosis naturally before looking into prescription medications. I have started the fish oil in the morning, he is also taking both the Calm Kids Focus Drink mix and the Bluebonnet Animalz Multiple Vitamins. I just noticed you recommended one or the other but not both together. Is there a reason for this? I see that some of the Vitamins overlap, but am wondering if it’s okay to give him both? Thanks for sharing your research and experience!

    1. HI Jennifer! My boys often take both….the vitamins that overlap won’t harm, as our nutritionist says, they just make expensive pee! Do you have a doctor who is a support with this or do they just want to prescribe meds? Have you gotten a full blood work up? Our doc did one and saw low iron. Let me know how it goes!

  56. Hi. I am so happy to have found your site!! I am in the process of setting up appointments for my twin 10 year old daughters to be tested and get us the help we need. I read your stories (parts 1 and 2) and can’t get over the similarities. In the meantime of me waiting to get in to see our pediatrician ( and I’ve set up an appointment with a behavior specialist), could you guide me as to which supplements would be a good start? I’ll have to wait on the test to know if iron is low. I know the fish oil would be great (do you take that same one, as well?). I also think the probiotic and prebiotic would be beneficial. Both of my girls can swallow pills. (They are in the 95 percentile for their age! So they look to be 13!) They have both begun their periods and I realize I was blaming too much on hormones. After much research, I now know it is more than that. I just ordered the book you recommended, “The Explosive Child” and can’t wait to read it.
    They do sleep well. We have always had a strict bedtime and while it takes a lot to get them in bed, they do fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. So, I’m not sure that I need the MagMind, or is there other benefits to it?
    I know that’s a lot, but any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Aimie, Glad you found us! Great to go see a doc – are you getting a full neuropsyche done? I have a blog post coming out soon about getting one and the many benefits! We also just started seeing a nutritionist, and I have another post coming out in a week or so about that. We had such great luck with both of my boys with fish oil, magnesium (now we take at bed), and a good multi and probiotic, too. We tweak when we take them and sometimes its just when my kids remember. All the brands we recommend taste yummy to most kids(pineapple juice works if they taste yucky!) i’d start with the KidsCalm drink and a probiotic, if you just want to start a few.

  57. Gina D from Texas says:

    I think I’ve confused myself reading about the supplements your boys take. Do they take all of these:

    Bluebonnet Rainforest Animalz Multiple Vitamin
    Jarrow Formulas Yum-Yum dophilus probiotic supplement
    justthrive probiotic & antioxidant
    justthrive precision prebiotic
    Jarrow Mag Mind Magnesium
    Natural Vitality Calm Specifics Kids
    Barlean’s Fish Oil (my grandson already takes this – yay)

    Or do they take “either” the Natural Vitality Calm Specifics Kids =OR= the Bluebonnet Rainforest Animalz Multiple Vitamins?

    We’ve started him on a gluten free diet but still learning. He’s started drinking almond and/or coconut milk and trying non-dairy dairy (is that an oxymoron ha ha) products. Of course, we are all going that route because wow – that stuff’s expensive and I’m not buying two types of everything.

    While we are doing gluten free I don’t think we are completely corn free. Baby steps.

    Did you ask your pediatrician to run tests for allergies or was that just part of the ADHD discussion?

    Our grandson was on ADHD medication but he was barely eating and not sleeping hardly at all. It is heart-wrenching when your 8-9 year old grandson comes to you at 3-4 am saying he can’t sleep. We could hear the frustration and anguish in his voice. So last spring when schools closed due to COVID, we weaned him off the ADHD medication. Of course, he’s struggling major in school but until we know if this diet/supplement is going to work we don’t want to put him back on the medication. He’s sleeping good now and has gained 10 pounds!

    Anyway … I will continue to read your blog for suggestions but wanted to get these supplements ordered.

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey. You are so helpful and many appreciate it! 🙂

    1. HI Gina! Thanks for your question…I confuse myself most days! Their supplement routine has changed over the years and from season to season. When they are taking the KidsCalm Drink mix, I am not so adamant about the other multi…but I do make sure they take a probiotic – the yum yum for my kid who can’t swallow pills and the just thrive for my kid who can swallow pills (although you can empty it into a drink – but mostly they take their own supplements). We take the fish oil most days (Neither are apt to spoon it out themselves, but don’t complain when i do it for them) and we take MagMind at night now for sleep (about an hour or so before bed or at bedtime when we forget!) I love the magnesium for sleep!! Have you tried a weighted blanket for your grandson? That is our golden ticket for my oldest! Hope that helps! I’ve found that diet low in sugar and processed foods (even the “healthy” processed foods) is so key, too.
      Lots of work and we are not perfect about it, but I do notice if we stray off it, even for a day or two. Let me know how it goes!

  58. Stephanie Gwyn says:

    Hi! Great article! I am new to all this and I would like to start with diet and vitamins/supplements. You have quite a few listed in your article. Do you use each one everyday? My son struggles with focus and calmness. What do you recommend as a good starting point. Thank you!

    1. Stephanie Gwyn says:

      Also, I agree. It’s a household problem not just with him. I felt relieved when I read that. Thank you. I have a 2 year that has been driving me nuts and I think she’s getting it from him. I could be wrong, but when we are home alone she’s a completely different person. Any of these vitamins and supplements work for a kid that young?

      1. My therapist always says, “Take that finger and turn it back around to you.” I always try to look at my part in all of this. My kiddo does not respond to the way I was parented, as most kids these days probably don’t — new times, new parenting. Glad you found us!

    2. Hi Stephanie! I’d start with magnesium and B vitamins, which is why I love the Kids Calm so much. I’d also make sure sleep is optimal — Getting a good night’s sleep is so important. We have a consistent bedtime routine and LOVE our weighted blanket. Check in with me to let me know how it’s going.

    1. HI Carendylyn! I have not had any the vegan fish oil, but flax oil is great! Let me know how you like it.

  59. Trish Kelm says:

    I’m not sure if this has been discussed or not….. you mentioned several times that Xylitol is derived from corn…. the Xylitol that I have is derived from birch…. Are there different kinds of xylitol and derivatives?

    1. Hi Trish….thanks for your comment! Xylitol is found in the cell walls of most plants – from my research I’ve found it is mostly derived from corn cobs AND birch…..I stay away from it as much as I can because I am sure it’s mostly cheaply produced corn based. I guess you’d have to do research on individual products to know the source.

  60. Jessica Haden says:

    I am so glad I found your blog! I think it will help my daughter (who wasn’t diagnosed with ADD until she was all grown up) and my grandson (who is 6 and needs no doctor diagnosis and he is a poster child for ADHD). I am so excited to share this information with her! For any parent or grandparent that reads the comments, I would add: take ADHD individuals outside. My grandson is definitely much more balanced when he is outside. Happy healing!

    1. Hi Jessica! So glad to have you as a reader. You are sooooo right about getting outside. It’s one of the reasons we gravitated to a Montessori Education and my boys are still in Scouts! Nature is so healing…in fact I am on my way out the door to walk in the snow for a little self care. Keep in touch!!

  61. I’m kinda nervous to start the victims and calm kids. What it your schedule with all these supplements ?

    1. HI Chelsea! Our routine changes with the seasons and my kids’ ages, but right now, they take fish oil and multi and probiotic in the morning and then magnesium at night. The Kids Calm multi drink is a great way to start. Also magnesium at night, pill or oil rub is awesome, too. It’s so individual, so you’ll have to play around and see what works best. We also had a lot of luck seeing a nutritionist to suggest a course for us. My kids are not great fish/meat eaters, but food is the BEST way to get the fish oils, etc.Let me know if I’ve answered your question or if you need more clarification. Thanks for asking!

  62. Hi ,

    I notice that the calm powder supplement is for kids between the ages of 4 and 12. Can I give this to my 14 and 16 year old, I also have a 12 year old, or should I just go with the Mag mind magnesium instead? Do I follow the dose on the bottle since there teenagers? Also can you give the calm powder to your child even if they don’t have ADHD? You know to help them keep calm and focused in school? Just wondering. My daughter does have adhd but my other two also struggle in school. I ‘m having them tested for adhd as well.


    1. Hi! My kids are almost 13 and 15 and they still take the KidsCalm drink mix. They also both take magnesium at night – One takes MagMind, the other who still can’t swallow pills, takes the Calm Magnesium gummies. They don’t have the drink mix everyday…just when they want it at this point. But I make sure they take their magnesium at night. KidsCalm has other vitamins in it and is just a good all around vitamin supplement. Too much magnesium will cause stomach upset and diarrhea, so you’ll know if it’s too much.Neither of my kids reacted that way to it, but every kid is different. You just have to play around with it and see…..and if you have a doctor who is onboard with supplements, ask them for recommendations. I find my kids take more Calm Drink mix when it’s hot because they drink more! Let me know how it goes.

  63. Are you taking the jarrow gastrointestinal & justhrive prebiotic together??

    1. Hi melissa! No, the Jarrow was when my kids could not swallow pills and the Just Thrive we use now (you can open up pills and put in smoothies, too) Hope that helps!

  64. Hi, I am wondering if all these can be mixed together, as in taken all at once?

    1. WE have definitely varied our times we take these….but tend to spread them out. We do like the magnesium at night now…and the Kids Calm in the Morning for a good multi. I think you can experiment…as far as I know, there is no harm in taking them all at once, if it helps you remember them. : P

  65. Elena Barajas says:

    Hi Beth,

    My son is 5 1/2 . What are your thoughts on Wiley’s Finest Fish Oil ?EPA 1000MG, DHA 500MG .

    Thank you ,

    1. Hi Elena! Sorry, I’ve never heard of that brand…Is there someone to consult at the store where you are going to purchase. I’m not sure on the allowances for a 5 year old. Does he like Salmon? He’s young enough, maybe you can start getting him to like the foods to get Fish Oil naturally. I’ve got one son who loves salmon, one who doesn’t!

      1. Elena Barajas says:

        Thank you replying. He doesn’t we’ve tried. My daughter who is 3 loves it. What about the Barlean’s you mention above. Be okay for my kiddo?

        1. Elena, Looks like the Barleans is for ages 6 and up, but they do have a kid’s version for younger ones….and Nordic Naturals, a brand we also like, has a Junior one to check out. I think that the serving size is generally very conservative, so check with your doctor to see if you can do 1.5 servings or even double it. I used to have one kid on Barleans and one on Nordic Naturals. But now they both take Nordic Naturals because the soft gels can be chewed and swallowed. : )

  66. Hi there!! I have been reading your blog like crazy the past few days. We currently have an appt. to get my son tested for ADHD. He has ALL of the symptoms and it has been a pretty tough road. Until we can get him tested I am wanting to try everything I can at home to help him. One of those ways is adding some good supplements into his diet. You posted so many amazing options but it is a bit overwhelming to know which ones to start with. You listed so many! HA! Do you have any recommendations on a few to start with?? My kids can’t swallow pills yet. They are 7 and 5. Where do I start?? What are some important ones to focus on right away?? I am also ordering a weighted blanket as he struggles with going to sleep. Thank you so much for your time if you are able to respond. 🙂

    1. HI Robin, Good for you for looking into natural options! I’d say look at diet and remove dyes, preservatives, and gluten first. We added the KidsCalm drink mix early on and a good probiotic – JustThrive can be mixed into juice or oatmeal. The gut is everything and reducing irritants and inflammation is a great way to start. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes.

  67. Hi! Thank you for this valuable resource and being so giving of time, and products. My one question is my son has tons of food allergies, one of them being fish/seafood. What could he take in place of fish oil supplements?

    1. Hi Yasmine, Will he tolerate algae? There are lots of plant based algae supplements out there. Also, chia seeds, walnuts, and sunflower seeds are great!

  68. My dear Beth, could you provide me with a suggested protocol for my 14 year old ADHD son in your experience?
    If it could be simplified a little better because the economic issue has been an inconvenience these days.

    Thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart!

    1. Hi Reyna!! Great to hear from you. Because I don’t know your son personally, it’s hard for me to say…but I will say that a good fish oil (unless he eats a lot of salmon and sardines), a good magnesium supplement and a probiotic can go a long way. If you are looking for a great nutritionist who can do tests on your son, let me know. I have a great one to recommend.

  69. Thank you for your answer dear Beth, I just wanted to hear your opinion and that’s very good for me, in that case and according to your experience which one fish oil, magnesium supplement and a probiotic could you recommend and at what times of the day I could give them to my teenager??

  70. Beth, I recently came across the fact that my son is iron deficient and an article that talked about iron supplements and raising the ferritin levels for kids with ADHD. We’ve begun under a doctor’s orders of course, but have you ever heard of this? I did find one article, but now cannot find it.

    1. Hi Mary, Yes, my son had the same issue that was revealed in blood testing. We did the drops I mention in the article, but I am sure there are other options, too. It is a thing! ADHD kids are often deficient in something — good to get tested.

  71. Thanks for sharing what’s worked for you! Do you give your son MagMind morning and night? I’d like to give it to my son(16) in the morning before school. He’s too old to use the Calm kids, should I try a b-complex? Also, what brand Ginko do you use?

    1. Hi Vanessa! My son takes his magnesium at night…but he has taken it in the am, too. We are prioritizing sleep at the moment and getting up and going to school is not an issue right now. It does change as they grow and mature. Let me know how it goes!

  72. Love your blog! I have found it very helpful! So I ordered the Jarrow MagMind and tried one for myself last night. It put me out all night! But now I’m having a hard time waking up this morning. I saw that at first you gave it to your son in the morning before his Adhd meds kicked in. Did this not make him tired during the day? I’m looking for something to give my 8 year old son in the late afternoons when his Adhd meds wear off (this time is our biggest struggle). I’m afraid it will make him super tired before his bedtime, as we have extra curricular activities most nights. Any insight into this?

    1. Hi Kendra! Glad you found us!! I used to give my son 1 magmind capsule in the am which seemed to help calm him and did not induce sleep at all. But, it’s really a bit of trial and error. We also loved KidsCalm drink mix which my kids don’t seem to like anymore, but used it for YEARS….that has some magnesium in it. My youngest still can’t swallow pills and we ar using the KidsCalm magnesium gummies for him at night (which I have tried and helps me, too!!) Four gummies is a serving, so maybe try only one afterschool to see what happens? Also try a bit of time at the park or a walk around the neighborhood to transition to home. Those transition times can be really hard. Or a good protein filled snack like hard boiled eggs/ nuts? I’m not a nutritionist, but I’ve dealt with this transition time for 10 years almost. Let me know what works. : )

  73. Hi! Love your posts! We’ve tried the kids calm drink but my son gags and refuses it. Any other suggestions? We take the probiotic and fish oil like you recommend in am too. We just need an alternative to the kids calm. (I wish there was an all in one gummy for everything, haha!)

    Thanks so much for your time!

    1. Hi! Sorry to hear your son is gagging on the Calm drink….others have mixed it into pineapple juice, mixed it into smoothies or smoothie bowls or into yogurt. There are kidscalm magnesium gummies but they don’t have the other vits in them, but my 13 year old takes those at night because he still hates swallowing pills. Hope that helps.

  74. Thank you so much for quick reply! 🙂 Do you prefer the kids calm drink or the Bluebonnet Nutrition multivitamins? I was wondering if I should switch him to the Bluebonnet Nutrition multivitamins that you recommended but I want him on the best so I’m willing to try the juice, thanks for that recommendation!! 🙂 Also, he takes the Barleans fish oil too but again it’s a chore! He prefers gummies…any good fish oil alternatives to that or is the liquid route the best? He also takes the Berry Dophilus probiotic, should I be giving him a prebiotic too? If so, what brand and do I give him that at the same time as the probiotic?
    AM routine:
    Kids calm drink or bluebonnet?
    Barleans fish oil or gummy rec?
    Berry Dophilus probiotic (prebiotic too??)

    2 magnesium chewables before bed

    Should I add zinc somewhere too?

    I TRULY appreciate your time! I felt a sense of peace when I found your blog! 🙂

  75. Hi Beth,

    May I ask please what is a great clean B-Complex that I can give my almost 7yr old?

    Thank you,

    1. My youngest takes Simple Spectrum mixed with applesauce and it is PACKED with vitamin B, plus other things. Calm drink mix also has some of the B vitamins. Those are the only ones I know made for young kids. Let me know what you try.

  76. Hello Beth,
    Wonderful article! thank you for sharing your journey. My son is 6 years old, he hasn’t been officially diagnosed with ADHD, but I know he has it. He has always been very impulsive. He did 2 years of full day preschool (6 hours a day) and 1 year of full day kindergarten, he never had issues at school or at least I never heard complains about him until now that he is in 1st grade. He’s been in 1st grade for 7 weeks and I have received multiples e-mails from different teachers saying he is not following directions, not finishing his work and disturbing the class, and not keeping his hands to himself. I don’t know how to approach this with his teachers, I don’t want him to be labeled but at the same time I want them to understand that he is not doing this just to give them a hard time- he is the one having a hard time!! I haven’t taking him to his pediatrician because when we talked about his symptoms the first thing he said was “it sounds like ADHD, there are different medications for that”; when he used the word medication it freaked me out!! I wanted to first try other methods. he is currently attending to play therapy, and his therapist could tell right away that he does have adhd because he just cant sit or focus on the questions he’s asked. I have also started to cut sugars as much as possible (the hardest thing ever. I am also trying essential oil, positive affirmations, tapping to refocus, and started looking into supplements too. As I was reading the comments I notice that most of the moms say their kids are taking medication, so I guess my question is – is it necessary? I am slowly drowning, it’s been sooo hard to know and accept that my child has a problem/ medical issue (see i don’t even know how to fraise it) I don’t know what to do

    1. HI Jazz, So sorry that this is happening, I know exactly how you feel! My guess is that kdg and preschool afforded your son lots of movement and now that he is in first grade, there may be much more sitting and many more expectations than he can handle. I’d point that out to the teachers and see if they can get him more movement breaks. Also, look at the work he is doing and see if that can reduced or perhaps he can do a bit at home. I am with you all the way on the he is having a hard time, but unfortunately, teachers are undereducated on this. Have you read Ross Greene’s book, The Explosive Child? Sounds like your son is not explosive, but the book outlines a fabulous way to talk to kids to figure out what is going on under the behaviors….his website is also full of videos to watch. How is his sleep? Medication is a personal choice and can be effective for some people. It was never effective for us, so that is why I had to find other things to do. : ) Please check back in and let me know how it’s going.

  77. Hey. My name is Brandi and I just had a few questions. My son is 9 years old and is struggling with ADHD and ODD. He has been on a lot of different medications and a lot of different dosages. None of them seem to help like they should as he still struggles at home and school. I am trying to find more natural things for him to take to try and help him more. I am getting him a weighted blanket for Christmas and I think that will help him with sleep (he is a sleep walker/talker). So my question is do you think these would help him? His behavioral dr said she is not changing his medicines any more so I am trying to find ways to help him myself. Thank you so much for sharing from a moms point of view and things that worked for you and you two sons.

    1. HI Brandi! So sorry things are tough…I know exactly how you feel. Every kid is so different, so I can’t say exactly what will help…but I can suggest things to try. My son had the best luck with his weighted blanket and preserving sleep was – and still at 16 — is so helpful. I make sure he gets 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night. We turn off screens early, dim lights, have a nightly routine, etc. Also, I think diet is a BIG one….I am not a nutritionist, but cutting out dyes, preservatives, and corn syrup can be a huge help — and making sure he gets protein early in the morning. The whole process can be a bit of a trial and error…but all of these suggestions are great for anyone!! Oh, and also exercise!!!! When my son was in track and cross country, his symptoms nearly disappeared. But it’s hard to force a 16 year old to exercise. : P Please let me know how it’s going.

  78. Is there a way for you to list the supplements instead of having them broken up throughout the article?

  79. Gina D from Texas says:

    Lots of information here – wow! I have some questions about the supplements because I think there are some overlaps?

    First, I think you’re saying if we need to start out slow, you recommend starting with MagMind and Natural Vitality Calm Kids drink mix. Is that right?

    Otherwise below are all you recommend:

    — Multivitamin – you list 3 of these. The Bluebonnet Animalz Multiple and the Natural Vitality Calm Kids drink mix (I think you mentioned if they take this not to take the Bluebonnet?). But then you mentioned the Garden of Life MyKind Organics men’s multivitamin. Is this in addition to one of the above or also instead of?

    —Barleans Omega-3 Fish Oil

    —Probiotics – like the multivitamin you mentioned two probiotics. The NOW Kids Berry Dophilus Probiotic and the Just Thrive Probiotic. Do they need both it just one?

    —Simple Spectrum Nutritional Support

    —Just Thrive Precision PREbiotic

    —Jarrow MagMind Magnesium (you mentioned until you weaned him off medication, you gave him one in am / one in pm and then switched to two in pm only? The bottle dosage is 3 capsules a day (1-am; 2-pm). Or did I misunderstand what you meant?

    Appreciate all of this information.

    1. Hi Gina! Yes, there is a lot of information. The post follows everything we’ve tried over the years, but not all at once. We have varied the supps we take throughout the years…..fish oil, magnesium and a good multi are the mainstays. The probiotic is also one we take pretty consistently. Hope that helps!

  80. My grandson, turning 5 and in pk. was just screened for adhd. My daughter has been having difficulties with his behavior, sometimes seemly impulsive (mischievous!), which he explains it’s because he’s bored, energy, which he tells his teacher he has too much of. So far no plan (IEP or 504) and not sure what his school will even support. Finding your site has been very helpful as I’m trying to do gather as much information/support for her. (Both she and I also have ADD/ADHD) She has been working on diet: eliminating sugar, additives, decreasing gluten and adding supplements. She does give him Kids Sleep @ bedtime and just tried Kids Calm gummies as well as Chillax, both which gave him bad diarrhea! She was hoping to use them to get him through the schools day. Is there anything else you can recommend without magnesium? I don’t think her insurance will cover a naturopath. The therapist she is taking him to is planning to do a brain map and possibly brain core therapy. My daughter has signed him up @ Kidstrong, dance and soccer for after school. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (I can’t get the box to check for notifications/comments by email, but that would be great)